7th Pay Commission: Good luck to the employees! 2 lakh 18 thousand of DA arrears will come soon in the account

If you are also a government employee or pension holder then there is good news for you. Let us tell you that the Modi government has recently issued a golden decree for the central employees and pension holders, due to which the fortunes of the employees are going to shine. In fact, very soon the Modi government is going to give two gifts to the central employees and pensioners with the new announcement. Firstly, the Modi government is going to increase the dearness allowance of the employees and pensioners and secondly, the amount of DA arrears due for a long time. Going to put in the bank account of the beneficiaries which was stalled for almost 18 months. There is a lot of discussion going on in the media headlines about this topic. Let us discuss this in detail.

Government will pay the outstanding DA arrear amount

According to media reports, soon the Modi government at the Center may transfer the outstanding DA arrears of 18 months to the bank accounts of employees and pensioners. The happiness of the employees knows no bounds after hearing this news. Modi government can increase DA by 4% this time. However, the Modi government has not yet given any statement on these subjects.

7th Pay Commission

In fact, the Pay Commission had recommended a 23.55 percent increase in salaries, allowances and pensions to the government, and the government approved it on January 1, 2016.th Pay Commission was implemented in which the fitment factor or basic salary of the employees was increased by 2.57 times. Let us tell you that the calculation of salary of government employees is done on the basis of their basic salary i.e. Monthly Salary is given by adding total basic salary + DA + HRA + travel accounts + other allowances etc.

Learn DA What will be the percentage increase in

Central employees and pensioners were getting DA benefit of 42% till now, but according to the recent news, this time DA is being increased by 4% which will increase from 42 to 46. This decision of the government will benefit more than one crore employees and pension holders of the country.

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