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New Delhi : The election battle of 2024 has started. The first phase of voting will take place on April 19, when voters will leave their homes to exercise their franchise. Elections are to be held in total phases. June 4 is the day of counting and results. When the decision of the people of the entire country will be revealed to everyone. However, before the first phase of voting, ABP CVoter conducted an opinion poll. In this, an attempt was made to know the mood of the country just before the elections. Especially, there is a lot of interest among the people regarding the way BJP continuously raised the slogan of crossing 400 for the NDA alliance. Everyone wants to know whether the ruling party at the Center is succeeding in achieving its target. This does not seem to be happening in the latest survey. The BJP-led NDA alliance seems to be reaching close to 400 but is still short of the target.

NDA crossed 370 in the latest survey

CVoter conducted opinion poll for ABP News on 543 Lok Sabha seats of the country. In this, 373 seats are seen going to NDA's account. At the same time, the figure of Congress led Indi Alliance seems to be stuck at 155 seats only. Others seem to be getting 15 seats. Talking about vote percentage, NDA is seen getting 47 percent votes in the opinion poll of ABP-CVoter. India alliance also seems to be getting around 40 percent votes. Others are likely to get 13 percent votes.

ABP C Voter Opinion Poll: NDA's fight in UP, big blow to INDIA, see who will get how many seats?

In which state NDA is ahead, where is India putting emphasis, see the complete list

State NDA INDIA Other
Uttar Pradesh 73 7 0
Bihar 33 7 0
Madhya Pradesh 28 1 0
Chhattisgarh 10 1 0
Punjab 2 7 4(AAP)
Haryana 9 1 0
Uttarakhand 5 0 0
Gujarat 26 0 0
Rajasthan 25 0 0
Delhi 7 0 0
Jharkhand 13 1 0
Odisha 13 1 0
Maharashtra 30 18 0
Himachal Pradesh 4 0 0
Telangana 5 10 2
Andhra Pradesh 20 0 5 (YSRCP)
Tamil Nadu 0 39 0
Karnataka 23 5 0
Kerala 0 20 0
Assam 12 2 0
Jammu and Kashmir 2 3 0
Goa 1 1 0
North East 8 2 1

Know who is winning in Union Territories

In the opinion poll of ABP-CVoter, if we talk about Union Territory, NDA seems to be winning at three places and Indi Alliance at two places. NDA seems to be registering victory in Andaman, Dadar Nagar Haveli, Daman Diu. Whereas Lakshadweep and Puducherry seats seem to be going to the Indi alliance. In this survey, there are 5 states where BJP seems to be making a clean sweep. However, the NDA alliance is likely to get 73 seats in UP. The opposition Indi Alliance will have to be satisfied with 7 seats. Whereas Mayawati may have to remain empty handed in UP. Let us tell you that this is an opinion poll, through which an attempt has been made to gauge the mood of the people of the country. The final results of the elections will come on June 4.

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