Airtel New Family Plan 2023 Airtel launched family plan, now five numbers will run from one recharge

In today’s time, recharge has also become very expensive, most of the people do different recharge for all the members of their family, but now they are going to get rid of it, Airtel Family Plan 2023 has been released, in which all the members are one. Only recharge plans can work, like if there are 5 members in a family, then one person can recharge for all and five other recharges will also run free from his mobile.

Friends, Airtel has launched the same recharge plan for five members living in a house, that is, if there are five members in a family, then even one of them gets recharged, then those four members will run free, ie internet and calling for them. Will be absolutely free Airtel has launched this new plan, with which all your family members will be able to run on a recharge plan, here we are providing you complete information about this recharge plan, let us tell you that Airtel’s From the side, this plan has been launched for the postpaid user.

Airtel New Family Plan 2023

At present, we see that most of the people, despite being members of the same family, do different recharges, but now you can add all the members in one recharge, Airtel also wants to attract a large number of new customers, yes friends. Airtel has changed the family plan of ₹ 999, in which 5 members will be able to take advantage of other facilities including internet calling in a single recharge.

Airtel new family plan benefits

Friends, the family plan issued by Airtel has been issued for the postpaid user, only the postpaid user will get the benefit of this plan. I know that we will also provide you complete information about what you will get to see in this plan.

  • Friends, through this plan, you will get the benefit of keeping five mobile numbers of your family active simultaneously.
  • That is, if one member of your family recharges, then the other 4 members will get its benefit.
  • After recharging here, the facility of unlimited calling will be free on your five numbers.
  • Apart from this, you will get 100 sms per day for free in this recharge.
  • With this recharge you will get 100 GB free internet which you can use on all your five numbers.
  • Keep in mind that you will have to register the other four family numbers first, which you want to use for free.
  • Apart from this, you will get Disney Hotstar subscription for 1 year for free in this recharge.
  • Along with recharge, you will also get Amazon Prime subscription absolutely free.
  • Apart from this, you will get many benefits including free hello tune, wyinc music in this recharge.

How to get Airtel’s new family plan?

Friends, to get Airtel’s new movie plan, you have to go to the nearest Airtel center, where you will have to get a new SIM i.e. new plan through your Aadhaar card, this plan can also be made available to you sitting at home with Airtel postpaid plan. For this, you can send a request sitting at home, where the person of the company himself will come and give you the plan at home.

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