Anand Mahindra became a fan of Israeli Air Defense System, gave this advice to India by sharing pictures of the missile

Digital Desk, New Delhi. Mahindra Group Chairman Anand Mahindra, who is always active on social media, is a fan of Israel these days. He has praised Israel's defense system a lot.

In fact, on April 13, Iran carried out rapid drone and missile attacks on Israel. In response, Israel also destroyed all the attacks using its defense system. This includes Iron Dome as well as Arrow-2 and Arrow-3 systems.

Anand Mahindra made this appeal

Anand Mahindra, who is a fan of this Israeli system, has requested India to develop a similar system. Anand Mahindra wrote on his social media x (formerly Twitter) that Israel has more than Iron Dome. They have a long-range defense system called David's Sling. They also have the Arrow 2 and 3 systems. Iron Beam is also in the works, which will use lasers to target enemies.

Post has been viewed more than 25 lakh times

Anand Mahindra further said that having an ironclad defense interception system is as important as having an arsenal of offensive weapons. We in India should increase our attention and spend in that direction. Let us tell you that this post of Anand Mahindra has been viewed more than 25 lakh times so far. Many users have also given their reactions on this.

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