Animesh Verma IAS Story: Animesh Verma achieved 38th rank in UPSC Civil Services 2023. Know the success story of this boy from Lucknow.

Abhay Singh Rathore, Lucknow: Animesh Verma, a resident of Lucknow, has secured 38th rank in UPSC Civil Services, the country's toughest examination. Along with this, Aditya Srivastava, who topped this examination, is also a resident of the capital Lucknow. Animesh Verma, a B.Tech pass out from IIT Delhi, has studied high school and intermediate from Jaipuria College, Lucknow. While getting 38th rank in his second attempt itself, Animesh says that he had not thought that he would get such a good rank. Animesh, who started preparing for UPSC along with his B.Tech studies, has made his family proud through self-study without taking the help of any coaching. Behind this success, the dream has come true only because of Animesh's hard work and the blessings of his family.

Animesh became emotional after seeing the rank

While talking to NBT Online, Animesh Verma, resident of Gomtinagar, said that he is very happy to see the result. I never thought that such a good result would come. He said that not only us but the entire family is very happy with this result. Animesh Verma told that this time it was his second attempt. He started UPSC preparation three years ago in 2021. Focusing on self-study, he did not take the help of coaching. Just took the help of coaching for test series and mock interviews.

Rely on self study instead of glare of coaching

Animesh Verma, who had passed a tough exam like UPSC, along with self-study, also focused on online videos of toppers. Although did not spend much time online. Along with this, help was also taken from seniors preparing for UPAC. Animesh told that I used to concentrate only on my studies. There was no pressure of household work, the family members took care of it. The entire focus was on studies and the atmosphere at home was also conducive to studies.

Animesh Verma achieved success in second attempt

Message given to believe in yourself

Animesh Verma gives the message to the youth to have faith in themselves. He believes that no ready-made formula works for success. Animesh, who cleared UPSC, has given a message to those youth who have not been able to achieve success. For them, Animesh said that everyone should have confidence in themselves, I too did not qualify for Mains in the first attempt 2022. Got good marks in mock test, but did not qualify mains. It was quite shocking. Gradually he removed those shortcomings and started preparing again.

Patience is very important, improved week subjects

Animesh told that whatever week I had during my studies, I tried to improve it. When the week subject improves gradually, it also becomes fun. He said that it is very important to keep studying while improving the week and maintain patience while studying. If you remain patient, others like me may also get better results.

Animesh Verma worked hard for 8 hours every day

Animesh Verma worked hard for 8 hours every day

8 hours of hard work, half day on Sunday

Animesh, who got 38th rank in UPSC, told NBT Online about his hard work that he used to study for around 8 hours on normal days. But he used to study for 10 hours during exams. He told that after getting free from studies, he used to try to keep himself balanced. Used to watch movies and cricket in free time. Also Animesh says that when health is good then the mind will also remain focused on studies. Therefore, read and revise only what is important from the study point of view. Used to go somewhere only after the paper was over. But he enjoyed every Sunday as a half day. The rest of the work was completed on this day. Used to have fun also.

UPSC preparation with B.Tech

Animesh Verma, resident of Gomtinagar, Lucknow, has completed high school in 2016 and intermediate in 2018 from Jaipuria College. Along with this, he has done B.Tech from IT Delhi. Animesh told that he did not have much interest in coding etc. in computer science. Therefore, I started preparing for UPSC from the fourth year of B.Tech. During my studies, when I came home in 2020, I thought about what to do next, at that time I had decided that I wanted to become an IAS. Started preparing for UPSC from 2021. B.Tech was completed in 2022. Studied B.Tech and UPSC simultaneously for some time, but after completing B.Tech, I was completely busy preparing for UPSC.

Animesh has studied from IIT Delhi

Animesh has studied from IIT Delhi

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Parents proud of son Animesh

Son's achievement: The emotional mother said that she is very proud of her son. Ever since the results came, we have been continuously receiving calls from fans congratulating them. She said that I cannot tell how happy I am. Animesh's mother Rekha Kumari said that he never had to force himself to study, because he used to study on his own. Animesh's father Sarvesh Kumar Verma said that I am feeling very good, I am proud of my son. The son worked very hard and the result was great success. Animesh's father is posted as Joint Director in Lucknow. Father Sarvesh Kumar told that we motivated Animesh about UPSC from time to time. He prepared very well.

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