Arvind Kejriwal Sugar Treatment, conspiracy to murder Kejriwal… Which letter does AAP have, on the basis of which they are making big allegations against Tihar Jail – arvind kejriwal delhi liquor case there is no diabetes expert in tihar jail aam aadmi party big claim

New Delhi: The issue of increasing sugar level of Arvind Kejriwal, who is lodged in Tihar Jail in the liquor scam case, is gaining momentum. Aam Aadmi Party alleges that a conspiracy is being hatched to give Kejriwal a slow death in Tihar Jail. Today, AAP has shown a letter and made a big claim regarding the diabetes doctor in Tihar Jail. Delhi government minister Saurabh Bhardwaj said, 'Till now the jail administration was saying that they have everything available. Diabetes specialist doctor. Now the DG of the jail has written a letter to AIIMS on Saturday asking them to provide us a diabetes specialist doctor. Arvind has been in jail for the last 20 days, so till now he was being monitored by a general doctor of the jail. So on what basis was the jail administration saying that they have all the facilities?

Delhi government minister Saurabh Bhardwaj said in the press conference, 'Today I am going to show you some evidence which will let everyone know how the central government is conspiring to kill an elected Chief Minister. They are saying that we have experts and doctors who are looking after Arvind Kejriwal. After this Saurabh showed a letter. He further said, 'The DG of Tihar Jail has written this letter to AIIMS yesterday (April 20). Tihar DG has said that we should be given a sugar or diabetes specialist.

Conspiracy to give Kejriwal a slow death by stopping insulin: AAP

Earlier on Saturday, expressing concern over the health of Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, Aam Aadmi Party leaders alleged that a conspiracy is being hatched to give Kejriwal a slow death by withholding insulin in jail. Party leaders have demanded that insulin should be provided to the CM in jail as soon as possible. Senior party leader Saurabh Bhardwaj had said in a press conference on Saturday that the Chief Minister, who arranged free medicines and all treatment facilities in hospitals and mohalla clinics for the treatment of common people of Delhi, today did not give medicines to him in jail. Is going. Questioning the claims of the jail authority, he said that on the instructions of the court, a machine has been installed in the CM's jail, through which his sugar level is being monitored regularly. He himself is repeatedly telling the doctor that my sugar level is increasing, please give me insulin, but the doctor and the jail administration are refusing to give insulin and along with BJP, they are talking about the CM's diet and sugar level. Various types of news are being planted. Saurabh asked whether such a jail administration can be trusted, whose DG is reporting to the LG instead of the Minister of Jail Department of Delhi Government. This is a big conspiracy to slowly kill the CM.

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