Ayodhya: Pics of Surya Tilak of Ramlala. – Amar Ujala Hindi News Live – Surya Tilak: The sun's rays did Ramlala's tilak for five minutes, see here

Treta Yug came alive when Lord Suryadev applied Tilak with his rays at exactly 12 o'clock to Ram Lalla, who was seated in the grand temple built after a long struggle of 500 years. The sun's rays sat on Ramlala's head for five minutes. The devotees became elated after witnessing this.

On the auspicious time of Ram Janmotsav, at exactly 12:00, the sound of conch shell and the sound of bell gong in thousands of temples of Ramnagari including Ram temple announced that Ramlala has appeared.

The praises of Kripala and Deendayala started echoing out of fear. The devotees became happy and started dancing. Before this, 56 types of dishes were offered to Lord Shri Ramlala. Devotees remained emotional after seeing Ramlala adorned in yellow clothes and gold crown.

Mahant Nritya Gopal, President of Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust and other saints of Ramnagari and the scientists who made Surya Tilak's project a reality were also present to witness the auspicious occasion at Ram Janmabhoomi.

This moment was seen by crores of people spread across the world and had darshan of Lord Shri Ram. On Tuesday, on the eve of the birth anniversary, scientists once again conducted a successful trial of Surya Tilak. The time was decided after several trials. People associated with the temple system are calling it a coordination of science and spirituality.

Scientists have studied the movement of the Sun in the sky of Ayodhya in the last 20 years. After determining the exact direction etc., reflectors and lenses have been installed on the upper floor of the temple. The sun rays were rotated and reached the forehead of Ramlala. The sun's rays fell on the lens of the upper plane. After that, it passed through three lenses and fell on the mirror of the second floor. At last the rays of the sun shone on Ramlala's forehead in the form of a 75 mm bullet. This time also depends on the speed and direction of the Sun.

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