Betel nut worth Rs 4 lakh, name in the underworld… What were the shooters going to get in return for firing at Salman's house? – salman khan home firing mumbai police reveals big disclosure about anmol bishnoi

New Delhi: 'One lakh rupees in advance and the remaining three lakh after the work is done. Empty two full magazines of bullets. You will become such a name in the underworld that you will remember…' Don't be surprised, this is not a dialogue from any movie. The story is not even of any crime thriller novel. These are the revelations that have come from the shooters who opened fire at Salman Khan's house. This is the reality which has shaken the Maya city of Mumbai today. On Tuesday, the police arrested Vicky Gupta and Sagar Pal, the two shooters who opened fire at Salman's house, from Bhuj in Gujarat, about 95 km from Mumbai. After this, many shocking things have come to light during their interrogation.

You get Rs 3 lakh after the work is done

According to the police, both the arrested shooters are residents of Bihar. On Tuesday, Inspector Daya Nayak's team presented them in the court. During interrogation, both of them told that for firing at Salman Khan's house, they were given contract by Anmol Bishnoi, brother of jailed gangster Lawrence Bishnoi. Both of them were to get Rs 4 lakh in return for their work. One lakh rupees were given in advance, while the remaining three lakhs were to be received after the work was completed. The purpose of firing at Salman Khan's house was not to harm him, but only to create fear in his mind.

Not only Salman Khan, Lawrence Bishnoi is also the known enemy of these 9 people, see the complete hit list.

Will make you famous in the underworld

In another big revelation, both the shooters told the police that Anmol Bishnoi had asked them to empty two full magazines of bullets at Salman Khan's house. He said that if this work is done properly then we will get such a name in the world of underworld that even we would not have thought. Apart from this, reward will be given separately. During police interrogation, both the shooters also revealed that Bishnoi gang wants to teach Salman Khan a lesson in the black buck hunting case. It is noteworthy that in 2018, Salman Khan was found guilty in the black deer hunting case in Bawad, Mathania near Jodhpur. However, Salman Khan came out on bail on a personal bond of Rs 50 thousand.

Preparation of look out circular against Anmol

If sources are to be believed, the police now want to interrogate gangster Lawrence Bishnoi, lodged in Delhi's Tihar Jail, in this case. It is being told that Mumbai Police may soon go to court for this. Apart from this, there are also preparations to issue a look out circular against Anmol Bishnoi. The entire conspiracy of firing at Salman Khan's house was hatched by Anmol Bishnoi. After this incident, he himself allegedly took responsibility for the firing by writing a post on social media. It is being told that Anmol Bishnoi is currently living in America and handling the work of Lawrence Gang.

navbharat timesHow Kalu, the one with hammer and chisel, became the shooter of Lawrence gang, there is a big connection in the firing at Salman's house.

'No one should be shot'

Mumbai Police's Joint Commissioner (Crime) Lakshmi Gautam said that Vicky Gupta has studied till 10th class. Whereas, Sagar is only 8th pass. Police are also investigating the crime history of both of them. Investigation has revealed that Vicky and Sagar had conducted recce of Salman Khan's house 3-4 times before carrying out the firing incident. Just before the firing, both of them were seen near Taj Lands End in Bandra. Both were instructed that no one should be shot. Before the firing, Vicky and Sagar roamed around the banstand till 4:15 in the morning and then rode their bike at a slow speed to reach Galaxy Apartment. Here both of them fired about 4-5 rounds and fled from the spot.

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