BJP govt and PM Modi have always worked in the interest of the poor and farmers: Amit Shah

Senior Party leader Amit Shah said that the BJP government and Prime Minister Narendra Modi have always worked in the interest of the poor and farmers. Addressing public meetings in Mandla and Katni in Madhya Pradesh today, he said, as a result, 95 lakh farmers have received Samman Nidhi and the poor are getting free food grains. He appealed to make the BJP alliance win more than four hundred seats.

Mr Shah said that the Congress party ruled for 70 years based on casteism, nepotism and corruption but Mr. Modi worked to eliminate casteism, nepotism and corruption from the country. He alleged that the dynastic alliance aims to bring their son, daughter and nephew to power. Mr. Shah slammed former Congress President Rahul Gandhi and said that Congress would have never given a tribal a respectable position. But, Prime Minister Modi has given the representative of the tribal society the highest position in the country. He added that the NDA government has brought the country’s economy from number 11 to number 5 in 10 years. Mr. Shah said that Prime Minister Modi has helped eliminate Naxalism from Madhya Pradesh in a short time. He added, in contrast, Congress being in power for 70 years, could not do anything to contain terrorism.

Mentioning the various initiatives of the NDA government on the religious front, he referred to Ram temple, Kashi Vishwanath corridor and Somnath temple.

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