BJP President J.P.Nadda says NDA Government has always been protector of Tamil language

In Tamil Nadu, BJP President J.P.Nadda said that the NDA Government has always been a protector of the Tamil language which is very ancient. Garnering votes for the BJP contestant at Chidambaram, he said that the Congress and DMK alliance have been defrauding the people of Tamilnadu by weakening their cultural heritage. He said that even after the Covid-19 pandemic the Indian economy stood in fifth place because of the policies of the NDA Government under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.


Mr. Nadda said that India has been progressing well in the manufacturing sector and added that the BJP must proclaim the achievements of the past ten years. Criticising the Congress and the DMK alliance, Mr. Nadda said that both were rejected by the people. Describing the various achievements, he said that the State Government was putting the pretense that they had been doing it on their own when the Union Government had provided several crores of funds for the development of the State.

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