BJP Reached 150 Seats Rahul Gandhi Big Claim, BJP will get only 150 seats in this Lok Sabha election, Rahul Gandhi's big claim – in this Lok Sabha election BJP will reach only 150 seats Congress leader Rahul Gandhi big claim

New Delhi: All parties have jumped into the battle of Lok Sabha elections. BJP claims that this time more than 400 seats will come to NDA's account. Meanwhile, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has attacked BJP and said that this time BJP will be limited to only 150 seats. Rahul Gandhi has made this big claim during the press conference in Ghaziabad. Rahul Gandhi said, 'I think BJP will get only 150 seats. I am getting similar reports from every state. Rahul Gandhi said, 'This election is an election of ideology. On one hand RSS and BJP are trying to destroy the Constitution and democracy, and on the other hand INDIA alliance and Congress Party are trying to save the Constitution and democracy. There are 2-3 big issues in the elections. Unemployment is the biggest and inflation is the second biggest, but BJP is busy diverting attention, neither the Prime Minister nor BJP talks on the issues.

Rahul Gandhi's attack on PM Modi

Rahul Gandhi said, 'A few days ago the Prime Minister gave a very long interview. It was scripted, but it was a flop show. The Prime Minister tried to explain the electoral bonds in this. The Prime Minister says that the system of electoral bonds was brought for transparency and to clean politics. If this is true then why did the Supreme Court cancel that system and secondly if you wanted to bring transparency then why did you hide the names of those who gave money to BJP. Why did you hide the dates on which they gave you the money? This is the world's biggest extortion scheme. All the businessmen of India understand and know this and no matter how much clarification the Prime Minister gives, it will not make any difference because the entire country knows that the Prime Minister is the champion of corruption.

Central government cornered on the issue of employment, demonetization and Adani

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said, 'In the last 10 years, PM Modi has reduced the employment generation system by demonetization, implementing wrong GST and supporting big billionaires like Adani. The first task is to strengthen employment once again, for this we have given 23 ideas in our manifesto, one idea is a revolutionary idea – right to apprenticeship. We have decided that we will give the right to apprenticeship to all the graduates and diploma holders of Uttar Pradesh. There will be training and we will deposit Rs 1 lakh per year in the bank accounts of the youth and we are giving these rights to crores of youth, we will also make a law for paper leaks.

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