Both Houses of Parliament take up discussion on Motion of Thanks on President’s address

Last Updated: Feb 02, 2024

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The Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha have taken up discussion on President Droupadi Murmu’s address to the joint sitting of both the Houses of Parliament. Initiating the discussion, BJP member Dr. Heena Gavit highlighted the series of measures taken by the government for the welfare of women, the poor, farmers, youth, and marginalized sections of society. She added that the government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has focused on five elements – women, poor, youth, farmers, and infrastructure. The BJP leader highlighted how women in the country progressed after 2014 listing out Self Help Groups, women’s reservation in the Lok Sabha and state assemblies as well as special measures for women in central schemes.

Talking about the new education policy, she said it has become a policy for equal opportunity for all. Dr. Gavit said around 14 thousand PM Shree Schools are being established to provide better education to children. She added that 315 new medical colleges have been started in the last ten years and the number of AIIMS has also increased in the country. The MP highlighted that under Mr. Modi’s leadership Indian economy has become one of the top five economies of the world from being fragile five. She noted that 18 lakh crore rupees worth UPI transactions were done last year in the country. Dr. Gavit asserted that India has emerged as a  global leader in the last ten years. Participating in the discussion, Union Minister Prof SP Singh Baghel said Mr. Modi has run a corruption-free government as not a single allegation of corruption has emerged against his government in the last ten years. He added that Mr. Modi will never compromise on issues of corruption, dynastic politics, and injustice. He attacked Congress over the issue of poverty saying it used to give slogans like Garibi Hato but never took concrete steps in this direction. The Minister listed out several schemes and efforts of the government for the welfare of the people. The discussion is underway in the Lok Sabha.

Initiating the discussion in Rajya Sabha, Kavita Patidar of the BJP said, that in the last 10 years, women of the country have been empowered. She also listed out achievements of the Government saying 25 crore people have come out of poverty. Ms. Patidar said, the number of airports in the country has doubled and four lakh kilometers of new roads have been constructed in the rural areas. She also said that metro train services have reached 20 cities which was earlier concentrated in only five cities, while Vande Bharat trains are running on 39 routes. She said, that Make in India and Atmanirbhar Bharat have become the strength of the country and India has emerged as the second largest exporter of mobile phones.

Participating in the discussion, Vivek Thakur of BJP said, Narendra Modi Government has brought the country from the policy paralysis era. He said, that from Fragile Five, India has entered in the top five economies. Mr. Thakur said, India has become the bright spot in the world. He also highlighted several measures taken by the Government for the welfare of countrymen.

The discussion is underway.

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