Countrywide Truckers’ Strike called off; Govt assures consulting stakeholders before implementing new law regarding hit-and-run cases

Last Updated: Jan 03, 2024

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The countrywide truckers’ strike has been called off as the government assured that it will consult stakeholders before implementing new law regarding hit-and-run cases. All-India Motor Transport Congress called off the agitation last night following talks with the government. Union Home Secretary Ajay Bhalla said that the new provisions of hit-and-run cases under the newly-passed Bharatiya Nyaya Sanhita have not yet been implemented. He said, the government will have a discussion with All India Motor Transport Congress representatives and then only it will take a decision.

The protest was over the Section 106(2) of Bharatiya Nyaya Samhita which has provisions for strict penalty in hit-and-run cases. Under the new law, hit-and-run cases can attract upto 10 years in jail and a fine of 7 lakh rupees against the current penalty of up to two-year jail term and a lighter fine. The maximum punishment of 10 years will kick in where the offender has caused death through rash driving and decamped without reporting the matter to the police. The truckers, cab drivers and others operating commercial vehicles are questioning how they would pay such a steep fine in case they meet with an accident.

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