Disrobing happened in CM house, character assassination is happening everyday, what did Swati say about not getting support from Sunita Kejriwal or Atishi?

Swati Maliwal has talked about the whole matter in detail in the ANI podcast. She said that that party today comes out on the streets to save Vibhav Kumar. I was threatened that they will finish me. But I will not be finished. I am speaking the truth and truth has a lot of strength, I will fight till the end. My clothes were disrobed in that house but my character assassination is being carried out every day. She said that I am feeling very cheated at this time, what I am feeling at this time, I do not want, God forbid, that anyone should feel like this. I have lost everything. Every word of mine in that FIR is absolutely true. I am ready for polygraph, narco test. I am not so cheap, I know I am alone in this fight. On Kejriwal's statement, she said that I just complained and then sat silent. But how can it be free and fair, sometimes they post tampered videos, sometimes they do character assassination, then how is this possible. Why was this entire troll army unleashed on me. An attempt is being made to prove that I am lying.

Without Appointment Why did you go to the CM?

On AAP's allegations of not taking an appointment on May 13, AAP MP Swati Maliwal said that whenever I have gone to his (Arvind Kejriwal's) house, I have never taken an appointment. They are saying that I did not have any appointment, so I have always gone like this. You should have told me to go out at that time, I would have gone out. If someone does not come with an appointment, you will beat him. This is the same party which is my party, this is the same party which is built with our blood and sweat. I am being trolled and victimized so that I come under pressure and end my matter. This is what I was threatened with for three days. There is a very big machinery, they will prove you a liar. What happened to me was very wrong and I will fight till the end. I know that no one will support me. They thought that by beating me like this, they will scare a fighter.

Was there a fight for the Rajya Sabha seat?

On the question of giving Rajya Sabha seat to a particular lawyer, she said that if he had asked for it with love, I would have even given my life, becoming an MP is a very small thing. In 2006, I left my engineering job and joined when no one knew me. At that time there were three people. I don't think I am tied to any post. But the way they beat me up, I will not resign under any circumstances. I will work hard and show how a good parliamentarian should be. On the question of Shanti Bhushan, Prashant Bhushan episode, Swati Maliwal said that I have lived in slums for seven years. But when power and authority come, arrogance also comes with it. Then one does not know what is true or false, right or wrong. Then I did not think that a girl who is known to everyone will first be beaten up and then her character will be maligned. Ego has come in everyone. We need to live with the people on the ground. Like we used to do earlier.

Why did women leaders not get support?

On not getting support from Sunita Kejriwal or Atishi, she said that today it happened to me, tomorrow I don't know who will it happen to. It takes a lot of courage to fight such powerful people. The woman minister says on TV that her clothes are not torn, she is lying. It hurts a lot to hear all this. On whose orders will I do this, what will I get from this? If the women of Aam Aadmi Party are not standing with me in this situation and what all are they saying. I will say that if we remain silent today, this will happen again and again. This will happen with the next generation as well.

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