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A video of a dog admiring his toy has turned into a source of happiness for netizens. Shared on Reddit, the sweet video also captures the reaction of the pooch after realising that his human is looking at him.

The image shows a dog sleeping on a couch with its toy. (Reddit/@Fair_External_4174)

“This doggo and his toys,” reads the caption posted along with the video on Reddit. The clip opens to show a dog lying on his back on a couch. What is amusing to see is that the pooch is holding a stuffed toy in the air with its paws. This goes on for a few seconds, and as the camera zooms in, one can see a look of admiration on the pooch’s face. However, soon the dog realises that he is being noticed and the way he reacts to that will leave you chuckling.

Take a look at this video of the dog that loves his toys:

The video was posted one day ago. Since being shared it has accumulated more than 12,000 upvotes and counting. Additionally, the post has received several comments from people.

What did Reddit users say about this dog video?

“This is so adorable. What a sweetie,” posted a Reddit user. “Do you mind? We’re having a moment,” joked another, imagining the dog’s thoughts. this a comment? “This is hilarious,” joined a third. “He is awesome,” added a fourth. “That was way too cute. I just want to hug him,” wrote a fourth.

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