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A dog’s reaction to petting another pooch was captured on camera. The super adorable video shows the dog sitting near another pooch and slowly petting its head.

The image shows a dog sitting near another pooch. (Screengrab)

The video is posted on X handle @buitengebieden. “Me after touching a dog,” reads the caption shared along with it. The video opens to show a dog lying on what appears to be a couch. Another pooch is seen sitting right next to it. Within a few moments, the second pooch lifts its paw and puts it on the head of the dog lying on the sofa. Instantly, an amusing expression flashes on the dog’s face.

Take a look at this uplifting video of two dogs:

The video was posted on August 22. Since being shared, it has gone crazy viral. Till now, the clip has accumulated close to 21.6 million views, and the numbers are quickly increasing. The post has collected tons of likes and comments.

What did X users say about this video featuring dogs?

“Very cute reaction,” shared an X user. “Aww, he is so happy,” posted another. “So cute, a dog petting a dog,” added a third. “I have the same reaction,” joined a fourth. “There, hold still. Pawfect,” expressed a fifth. “Sleep good doggo!” commented a sixth. “So adorable and precious,” wrote a seventh. Many reacted to the video with heart emoticons.

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