EAM Jaishankar says, bilateral relationship with Australia is the most consequential relationship in Indian Ocean region

Last Updated: Feb 10, 2024

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External Affairs Minister Dr S Jaishankar highlighted that India is developing a global footprint and this is a very different India today. Addressing the Indian Community in Perth on Saturday he said, India regards the bilateral relationship with Australia as the most consequential relationship India has, in the Indian Ocean region. He added that the India- Australia relationship is doing great and both nations are committed to building on this partnership. He noted that trade with Australia is rising steadily and Indian community in Australia has also grown. On defence and security, External Affairs Minister said, both defence forces work very closely as partners today and provide great support to each other. He expressed confidence that the next 25 years would profoundly transform India and by 2047, India will be a developed country.

Dr Jaishankar also met Parliamentarians Zaneta Mascarenhas, Varun Ghosh and Dr. Jagadish Krishnan of Australia and discussed with them the ways to intensify ties with Western Australia. He also met Premier Roger Cook of Western Australia and appreciated his support for building strong India-Australia ties.

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