Elaborate arrangements put in place for consecration of Ram temple in Ayodhya

Last Updated: Jan 21, 2024

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In a momentous occasion that resonates with spiritual significance, the consecration ceremony of Lord Rama’s idol in Ayodhya is set to take place on Monday. Chidambara Sastry, a spiritual luminary known for his deep devotion to Lord Rama and Hanuman from Andhra Pradesh, brought his exceptional skills to Ayodhya to craft the Rama Yantra.

Annadanam Chidambara Sastry, President of the Hanumath Chitti Jagaran Samithi, has become the creative force behind the intricately designed Rama Yantra, crucial for the consecration ceremony. Hailing from Bapatla in Andhra Pradesh, Sastry’s spiritual journey has been marked by a profound connection to Lord Rama and Hanuman. The sacred task of preparing the Rama Yantra for the consecration ceremony was entrusted to him back in 2014. With unwavering spiritual discipline and dedication, he meticulously prepared the Rama Yantra in the ancient Sanskrit script, inscribing Mantras with spiritual significance and handing them over to the Ayodhya Temple Trust. The Rama Yantra is believed to be a channel for spiritual energy, designed to amplify the sacred vibrations during the consecration. Temple authorities acknowledge the profound significance of Sastry’s contribution in infusing divine energy into the idol installation and expressed gratitude for the invaluable contribution. Speaking to Akashvani News, Chidambara Sastry expressed his profound sense of blessing for being chosen for this sacred task. He sees it not just as a responsibility but as a divine opportunity bestowed upon him.

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