First output from Chandrayaan-3 experiments: Temperature profile of lunar soil | Technology News

The temperature on the lunar surface drops rapidly with depth, at least near the south pole, the first output of the experiments being conducted by Chandrayaan-3 instruments has revealed.

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The Chandra’s Surface Thermophysical Experiment, or ChaSTE, an instrument onboard the lander module, has measured a sharp drop in temperatures in the lunar topsoil. At just about 10 cm below the surface, the temperature dropped to nearly -10 degrees Celsius while it was about 45 degrees Celsius on the surface, ISRO said.

Preparing a temperature profile of the lunar topsoil was one of the objectives of the experiments being carried out by Chandrayaan-3. The ChaSTE instrument has a temperature probe equipped with a controlled penetration mechanism capable of reaching a depth of 10 cm below the surface, ISRO said. The probe is fitted with ten individual temperature sensors.

The measurements put out by ISRO form the first temperature profile of the lunar south pole. ISRO said more detailed studies were underway.

The lander module of Chandrayaan-3 is carrying four instruments, while the rover has two. The propulsion module which is in the orbit around the moon is also fitted with one instrument.

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