How Israel destroys enemy rockets, drones and missiles, know what is that technology

Online Desk, Jerusalem. Iran-Israel Tension: At present, tension has suddenly increased between two countries in the Middle East. On the night of April 13, Iran attacked Israel from all sides with drones and missiles. However, 99 percent of the missiles were destroyed outside Israeli airspace, causing no major damage. There was discussion all over the world as to how Israel protects itself from so many drone and missile attacks.

Israel's air defense system is crucial to counter the barrage of rockets, drones and missiles launched by enemies like Hamas, Iran and Hezbollah. Israel uses 3 missile interceptors to deal with threats ranging from short-range rockets to long-range ballistic missiles, which leaves enemies stunned.

iroon dom 1

What are those 3 protector systems?

  • Iron Dome System
  • david sling
  • arrows 2 and 3

Let us tell you how these three systems work.

Iron Dome System

Israel has been using Iron Dome rockets since 2011. It attacks from ground to air. It detects rockets, shells and aircraft coming from the enemy side and destroys them in the air itself. It is used for radar detection, but only to intercept threats in populated areas.

David Sling

david sling

Like Iron Dome, there is also David's Sling. It is being used since the year 2017. It targets medium range missiles. It is also capable of detecting and destroying drones, missiles and shells. It is capable of firing at a range of approximately 25 to 186 miles.

Arrow 2

arrow 2

Arrow 2 was deployed in the year 2000. It targets long-range ballistic missiles. It is known as Hatz whose weight is approximately 1300 kg. Its price is around 3 million dollars. It has the capability to destroy the missile at a distance of about 200 km from Israeli airspace. Last year, Israel used the same system to destroy a missile fired by Houthi. Arrow 2 uses standard interceptors.

Arrow 3

arrow 3

Israel has been using it since 2017. This is the defense system that targets long-range ballistic missiles. It is claimed that the speed of Arrow 3 is very fast and it has the capability to destroy even missiles flying in space.

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