'I have never seen a man who takes a U-turn like Kejriwal', Amit Shah said in Delhi, Rahul has more supporters in Pakistan than in India.

Union Home Minister and senior BJP leader Amit Shah addressed a public meeting in Sangam Vihar, New Delhi. Addressing the gathering in support of BJP candidate from South Delhi, Ramveer Singh Bidhuri, he said that Narendra Modi ji has to be made the Prime Minister for the third time. Making Modi ji the Prime Minister for the third time means making India's economy the third largest economy in the world. He said that the leaders of Indi Alliance say that do not talk about POK, respect Pakistan, because it has atom bomb. Hey Rahul Baba… We are the people of BJP, we are not afraid of atom bomb.

Shah clearly said that PoK belongs to India, will remain and we will take it. He said that the Congress Party kept Article 370 like its child for 70 years. You made Modi ji the Prime Minister for the second time and made him win all the seven seats of Delhi. Modi ji worked to free Kashmir from terrorism by abolishing Article 370 on August 5, 2019. Today no one has the courage to throw stones in Jammu and Kashmir.

The BJP leader said that Rahul Baba says that his party will restore Article 370. Modi ji has abolished triple talaq, but Rahul claims that if he comes to power, he will restore triple talaq. Modi ji brought CAA and wants to give citizenship to the persecuted minorities of neighboring countries. However, Rahul claims that he will withdraw CAA. No one supports Rahul and Arvind Kejriwal in India. He has more supporters in Pakistan than in India.

He said that today see the change in Modi ji's government – earlier slogans of independence were raised in Kashmir, today they are raised in PoK. Earlier stone pelting used to happen here, today strikes are happening there. Earlier tourists were not allowed to come here, today people are facing problems even for eating flour in Pakistan. He said that Arvind Kejriwal is a shameless person. He was sent to jail in a corruption case but he did not leave the post of CM. Now the time has come to expose a hypocritical person like Arvind Kejriwal.

Shah said that till date I have never seen a person who took a U-turn like Kejriwal… He left his job and formed an NGO and took an oath saying that he will not enter politics and formed a party. He used to say – I will never become the Chief Minister… Become the Chief Minister. He used to say that we will topple the Congress government in Delhi and put him in jail. Today, he himself is sitting in the lap of Congress and contesting the elections for power. He used to say – will not take security, car, residence, today along with taking security and car, he is living in Sheesh Mahal. And their list of corruption is very big.

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