ICG ship Samudra Paheredar reaches Manila Bay, Philippines As part of overseas deployment to ASEAN countries

Indian Coast Guard ship Samudra Paheredar, a specialized Pollution Control Vessel has reached Manila Bay, Philippines as part of overseas deployment to ASEAN countries. The visit of the Vessel is part of a broader initiative aimed at demonstration of Indian Coast Guard Marine Pollution Response capabilities and shared concern and resolve towards Marine Pollution in the ASEAN region. Defence Ministry said, the ship is equipped with specialized marine pollution control equipment and a Chetak Helicopter in Pollution Response configuration, designed to contain and recover spilled oil and augment the operation.
The ICG ship is on an overseas deployment to ASEAN countries Philippines, Vietnam, and Brunei till 12th of next month. The Ministry said, the deployment is the third in a row by the Indian Coast Guard to ASEAN countries. Last year, ICG Pollution Control Vessels visited Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia as part of the initiative.

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