India bids heartfelt farewell to Subedar Thanseia, distinguished veteran of Assam Regiment

India bids a heartfelt farewell to Subedar Thanseia, a distinguished veteran of the Indian Army’s Assam Regiment, who passed away at the remarkable age of 102 yesterday. Hailing from Mizoram, his valor at the Battle of Kohima and his pivotal role in shaping the legacy of the 1st Assam Regiment during their deployment at Jessami will forever be etched in the annals of India’s military history.
In a press release defence PRO said, throughout his illustrious service, Subedar Thanseia’s commitment to the nation transcended the ordinary, earning him a revered place in the hearts of the people. His unwavering courage at Kohima, against insurmountable odds, played a crucial role in securing a decisive victory for the Allied forces, turning the tide of the conflict in the East.

Even after his retirement, Subedar Thanseia continued to inspire generations with his dedication to community and country, actively engaging in veteran affairs and educational initiatives. The overwhelming turnout at his tribute, attended by comrades from the Assam Regiment and various civil fraternities, underscores the profound impact of his legacy on the Indian Army and the people of the North East.

As India mourns the loss of this gallant soldier, his contributions to the nation and his exemplary service during the Second World War will forever be remembered as a symbol of bravery, leadership, and unwavering commitment to duty. Subedar Thanseia’s story will continue to inspire future generations, serving as a testament to the indomitable spirit of service and sacrifice that defines the best of humanity.

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