Iran condemns Pakistan’s precision military strikes on its territory close to the border

Last Updated: Jan 19, 2024

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Iran’s Foreign Ministry condemned Pakistan’s precision military strikes “against “terrorist hideouts” on non-Iranian villagers near their shared border, calling it “unbalanced and unacceptable.” The statement comes amid the retaliation airstrikes between the two nations targeting each other’s alleged terrorist hideouts.

Iran’s Foreign Ministry asserted its adherence to the policy of good neighbourliness and brotherhood with Pakistan, while emphasizing that it considers its people’s security and territorial integrity a red line. The statement also demanded Pakistan uphold its responsibility in preventing terrorist groups from operating on its soil.

This latest development follows Pakistan’s drone attack, codenamed “Marg Bar Sarmachar,” which it claimed targeted terrorists in retaliation for Iran’s previous strike against a militant group in Balochistan. Nine casualties have been reported till now, further fueling the escalating tensions.

The incident underscores the long-standing, complex relationship between Iran and Pakistan, often marred by cross-border infiltration and accusations of harboring terrorist groups.

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