Iran-Israel dispute: Will the war between Iran and Israel calm down? Experts told these two big reasons

Jaiprakash Ranjan, New Delhi. After the missiles fired by Iran on Israel on Sunday morning, tension is being seen not only in the entire Gulf region but in the entire world. But, some experts believe that there is little possibility of the situation worsening from here. One reason is that Iran itself has started sending this message at the international level that it is not in favor of worsening the situation.

What are those two reasons?

It is also being marked as a victory for Israel. The second major reason is that America and other allied countries are fully engaged in convincing Israel that an attack from its side can have a very wide impact. This impact will not only be visible in the form of war, but countries like India may have to bear huge losses even though they are not directly involved in the war.

Whose pressure is being created?

Former ambassador and diplomatic expert Ashok Sajjanhar believes that, 'The attack on Israel by Iran was to a large extent an attempt by the government there to send a message on its domestic front. There was pressure on the Iranian government to take action after Israel's deadly attack on Iran's Consulate in Damascus (Syria). Certainly, this is the first time that Iran has directly attacked Israel. But looking at the pattern of the attack, it seems that its intention was not to cause serious harm but only to send a message.

Why is Iran avoiding attacks now?

It should also be seen that immediately after this attack, Iran has announced that no second attack will be carried out from its side. I believe that Iran knows very well that if action is taken by Israel and its allied countries, it will not be able to survive. In such a situation, there will be no attempt from Iran to worsen the current tense situation. Brahma Chellani, another prominent strategic analyst of the country, wrote in social media X, 'Iran had warned several times before the retaliatory attack. , which makes it seem like it was a pre-planned sham.

Iran is avoiding causing harm

Its objective has been to create maximum drama while causing minimum damage. Their planning was done in such a way that the air systems of Israel and America could stop them. It should be noted that the Iranian government has informed that a total of 267 domestically manufactured drone missiles of two types have been fired at Israel. Israel has said that almost all the drone missiles have been destroyed before they reach the target. India also immediately reacted to this attack and asked both the countries to exercise restraint and bring peace. However, there is still a possibility of retaliatory action from Israel against Iran.

If action is taken from Israel's side then

Sajjanhar says that if action is taken from Israel's side, it is quite possible that it will not be limited. The possibility of it having a major impact on India also cannot be ruled out. India has very good bilateral relations with both Israel and Iran. Israel is a strategic partner of India. Whereas there is a historical relationship with Iran. India is developing Chabahar Port in Iran which is very important for our strategic interests. Around 10 thousand Indians also live in Iran while there are 20 thousand Indians in Israel.

Ban on ships passing through the maritime area

In the event of war, Iran can ban or capture ships passing through its waters. He is still holding a ship. Crude oil prices may increase and its supply may also be affected because India takes much of its oil needs from Gulf countries. In recent years we have paid a lot of attention to relations with all the countries of the Gulf. Free trade agreement has been signed with UAE. Talks are ongoing with Oman. We want to establish a connectivity project from India to Europe via the Gulf region. Impact on all these is possible.

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