Israel Iran War Netanyahu Plan, What is stopping Israel from attacking Iran? PM understands Netanyahu's options, America has great apprehension – israel iran war what is holding netanyahu to respond what option against tehran america joe biden warns

Tel Aviv: There is huge tension in Israel after Iran's attack. Israel's political and military leadership is constantly talking about teaching Iran a lesson. Israel's War Cabinet met for the third consecutive day on Tuesday regarding the attack, in which retaliatory action against Iran was approved. But it did not say when the retaliatory attack would be carried out. Experts on Israel and Middle East politics say that Israel is in a dilemma about attacking Iran. Especially, when America and Europe have advised him to exercise restraint. On the other hand, there is pressure on the Netanyahu government to take retaliatory action. Let us know why there is such a situation inside Israel but before that let us know what options Netanyahu has for action against Iran.Iran's nuclear facilities targeted
Israel has been alleging for a long time that Tehran is busy preparing a nuclear bomb and its nuclear facilities are engaged in this work. Israel considers Iran's nuclear program a threat to its existence. This is why it could target nuclear facilities inside Iran, but this would be one of the most aggressive options for Israel. Israel had previously bombed Iraq's reactor in 1981 and Syria's nuclear site in 2007. Most of Iran's nuclear sites are built deep underground, making them difficult to access. Strategists believe that for this Israel will need America's help.

Targeting Iran's military bases or officials
Israel could retaliate by targeting military targets inside Iran through direct or cyber attacks. This will be a message to Iran and less people will be killed. Israel has long been accused of carrying out cyber attacks inside Iran's military sites. Along with this, Israel has targeted many top nuclear scientists and intelligence officers of Iran. However, he never took responsibility. Israel can once again target Iranian officials through its intelligence agency Mossad. However, any drone or missile attack on Iranian soil would be huge for Israel, but it would not be the first time. Former Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett had said that Iran's drone base was destroyed in 2022 during his government.

Attack on Iran-backed armed groups
Iran-backed armed groups have a large network in the Middle East, prominent among which are Lebanon's Hezbollah and Yemen's Houthis. Apart from this, there are Iran supported terrorists in Iraq and Syria also. Iran provides arms and training to these groups, in return for which they attack Israeli and Western targets in support of Tehran. Israel can target these extremist groups. The Israeli army has started targeting Hezbollah terrorists in Lebanon.

focus on gaza
Some people are advising Israel to focus its attention on the six-month-long war in Gaza. They say that the Israeli army should start a campaign to eliminate 8000 Hamas fighters present in Rafah city. Iran can be seen later. Many prominent opposition leaders of Israel are also involved in this thinking. A former military intelligence official told Bloomberg that the war in Gaza has been a war against Iran from day one. Defeating Hamas, which receives training and funding from Tehran, would mark a victory for Israel against Iran.

America's stance a problem for Israel
Israel is repeatedly talking about taking action against Iran but it is not so easy. This is an election year going on in America, Israel's biggest ally. President Joe Biden is under pressure from his voters regarding Israeli action in Gaza. In such a situation, America does not want to take the risk of jumping into a new war. President Biden has given a clear message to Netanyahu that Iran's attack has been foiled and Israel does not need to escalate the conflict by launching a new attack. European countries are also not in favor of direct military action against Iran. A senior US official said the Biden administration is expecting Israel to launch a “limited strike inside Iran”. A possible Israeli response would include strikes against Iranian military forces and its proxies outside Iran, CBS News quoted a US official as saying.

The rich around the world suffered losses due to Iran-Israel tension.

On the other hand, there are also Israel's Arab allies, who openly or indirectly helped Israel after the Iranian attack late Saturday night. If Israel attacks Iran and war breaks out in the region, then there is every possibility that these countries of the Middle East will also be dragged into it. However, Israel said on Tuesday that its action on Iran would not put its friends in the Middle East in trouble and would not give Iran an excuse to attack them. This means that Israel will not use the airspace of its allies to attack Iran.

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