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Why does Israel, a country of 9 million people, despite its fabulous oil wealth, seem like a rock in the face of 427 million Arab international politics? The Arabs can certainly control what happens in some miskeen (poor) countries like the Gulf Cooperation Council and Pakistan; their leaders can be summoned to Riyadh at a moment’s notice and sent back with sacks of rice as pay for obedience. But in the face of Israel – which has almost zero natural resources – Arab kings and sheikhs are forced to bow their heads. Blame the West if you like, especially the US. Indeed, the value of arms supplied to Israel by Western powers (the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Spain and Germany) from 2000-2019 is recorded at a whopping $9.6 billion. But within that 20-year period, the same document shows that this amount is less than the weapons sold by those same suppliers to Saudi Arabia ($29.3 billion), the United Arab Emirates ($20.1 billion), Egypt ($17.5 billion), Iraq ($9.1 billion) and Qatar ($6 billion).

What is the secret of Israel's strength?

The secret of Israel's strength does not lie in its weapons. Instead, it is still expanding and still colonising. The apartheid settler state uses the same magic that enabled a handful of 18th-century British to colonise the entire Indian subcontinent. Let us recall that in 250 years of ruling over 200 million natives, Britain never had more than 50,000 white soldiers on Indian soil. Though better guns and cannons gave them an edge, in reality their real secret weapon was much more. A system of organised thought based on a rational and secular approach to life, a modern system of justice and a new set of social relations. Having invented modern means of communication such as the railway and the telegraph, a mere island in the North Sea can claim an empire on which the sun never sets.

Secular values

The search for a philosopher or a pure mathematician of high calibre would be futile. For 20 years, papers and PhDs have been churned out at a frenetic rate. But I suspect that many of Pakistan's “distinguished national professors” with hundreds of research publications would be deemed unfit to teach in a top-level Israeli high school due to lack of scholarships. Arabs have a glorious past and are probably as smart as Israelis. But the two groups have different attitudes towards success and different role models. The Israeli child wants to become Albert Einstein, Niels Bohr, John von Neumann, George Wald, Paul Samuelson, Gertrude Elion, Ralph Lauren, George Soros or thousands of other names that are recorded in textbooks on physics, philosophy, technology, medicine and business. Compare this to the Arab boy who wants to become Salahuddin Ayubi and the Pakistani boy who dreams of becoming Ertugrul Ghazi on a horse.

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