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A video of a man rescuing a snake hiding behind a photo frame was posted on Instagram. The image shows a rescuer named Dan Rumsey patiently removing the snake.

The image shows a man rescuing a snake hiding behind a photo frame. (Instagram/@zookeeper_dan)

The video is posted on the Instagram page of Australia-based rescue organisation, Sunshine Coast Snake Catcher. The clip is posted with a caption that reads, “What would your reaction be?”

The video opens to show Rumsey pulling up the photo frame hanging on a wall. He then carefully brings it down with the snake coiled around the frame cord. As the video progresses, Rumsey is seen carefully guiding the snake onto a sofa. The video ends with him holding the snake after successfully rescuing it.

Take a look at this video of the snake and the rescuer:

The video was shared four days ago. Since being posted, it has accumulated close to 1.6 lakh views and the numbers are only increasing. The post has also received more than 4,700 views. People shared varied comments while reacting to the video.

What did Instagram users say about this snake rescue video?

“How strong is that picture hook!” joked an Instagram user. “More beautiful than the painting,” shared another. “A picture perfect rescue mate,” praised a third. “What a beautiful creature,” added a fourth. “I’d be so excited! I love snakes!” wrote a fifth. How would you react to such a situation?

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