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Altair, a feline resident of Michigan, USA, made history in 2021 by achieving the world record for having the ‘longest and most luxurious tail.’ The Guinness World Records (GWR) recently shared about this cat who has shattered the record for having the longest tail on a domestic cat.

Picture of the cat who broke the world record for the longest tail. (Guinness World Record)

GWR recently shared about a five-year-old feline called Altair, who weighs 20 pounds (approximately. 9kg) and has a tail that is 16.07 inches (40.83 cm) long. This length was measured on October 25, 2021, and may now be even longer since he is fully grown, reports GWR.

The cat is owned by Dr. William John Powers, whose cat Cygnus,

had earlier held this record. However, after the death of Cygnus in a house fire in 2017, Powers adopted his half-brother Altair. (Also Read: Meet Kit Kat, the jump-roping cat who did 9 skips in 60 seconds)

Powers, told GWR, “His brother, Cygnus had the record for the longest tail ever, so genetics certainly played a part. But I’ve had four Guinness World Records title-holding cats now, so I suspect it’s likely at least in part due to the special diet that I designed for them. It was pretty obvious that just like Cygnus, from the time he was a kitten, he had an absurdly long tail, and it just continued to get longer as he aged.”

As per GWR, despite the extraordinarily fluffy hair on his incredibly long tail, Altair does not shed much. In reality, he only sheds during spring and autumn equinoxes, either to blow off his winter coat or to prepare for his winter one.

“It’s kind of neat how it works, the length of the day changes how many photons from the sun strike his retina, and that signal tells the brain that the days are shortening or lengthening and that releases hormones which regulate which coat to produce or shed,” said Will to GWR.

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