No one can ever destroy Lord Ram, Ayodhya and Sanatan

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has started working with the resolution of a developed India in his third term and the opposition is still in election mode, drowned in the frustration of its third defeat. The leaders of the entire opposition, led by the Congress, try to create sensation and grab media footage by predicting the fall of the government twice a week. The Congress is on cloud nine after getting a few more seats in the current Lok Sabha. Ever since Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has been appointed as the leader of the opposition, the Congressmen are dreaming every day that the Modi government will fall any moment.

The opposition has been badly rattled by the efficiency with which the Modi government demolished every move of the opposition in the first Parliament session after the formation of the new government. The opposition under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi first dreamed of cornering the government on the Lok Sabha Speaker's election and toppling it by holding a vote and then insisted on debating the NEET paper leak scam, but was defeated on both counts. That is, in the first session of Parliament, the opposition unnecessarily tried to corner and topple the government and failed.

After appearing weak in the Parliament session, the attitude of the opposition has become more aggressive. It is accusing the government on true and false matters. Priyanka Gandhi herself posted such videos on social media which were fake. The opposition is more active in spreading lies than on real issues. The central government is being blamed for waterlogging during the rains and a video of Brazil is being posted in the name of Rampath. The opposition feels that by spreading such lies, the image of the Modi government will be affected and it will be easy to topple it.

Rahul Gandhi is showing passion in the name of activism. He has won 99 out of 543 seats in Lok Sabha and his ego has increased so much that every time he opens his mouth, he insults the Hindu society and its symbols of faith, whether it is inside the Parliament or outside. Wherever there is an accident or social problem, Rahul Gandhi's convoy is going there to shine his politics. Rahul has so far gone to Hathras, Manipur and Assam to promote his Mohabbat Ki Dukan. Whatever the problem, whatever the place, Rahul only talks about Mohabbat Ki Dukan, meanwhile if any journalist asks a question, his attitude changes and he angrily walks away stamping his feet.

The hatred that Congress had for Hindus during Sonia's time has come out in the open during Rahul's time. Rahul Gandhi dared to call the entire Hindu society violent in his very first speech in Parliament. As the leader of the opposition, Rahul Gandhi reiterated with force that those who call themselves Hindus are violent. The Prime Minister immediately protested against this in the House and later discussed it in detail in his address, but the people of Congress and Indy alliance kept creating a ruckus. Rahul Gandhi waved the picture of Lord Shiva in an insulting manner and misinterpreted his form. When there was protest outside the House, Congress once again tried to cover up the matter by resorting to lies.

Rahul Gandhi, who reached Gujarat for the first time as the leader of the opposition, was so excited that he started using words like “we would have finished off Prime Minister Modi in Varanasi itself”. Rahul did not stop here, he went further and said “we have defeated the movement started by LK Advani from Gujarat in Ayodhya”. It is clear that Rahul Gandhi neither knows the history of Shri Ramjanmabhoomi Mukti Yagna, nor does he have respect for the faith of Hindus. Through his speech in Gujarat, Rahul Gandhi has forced the Hindu society to think that they have made a big mistake by increasing the number of seats of Congress. This statement of Rahul has exposed the leftist Muslim-friendly mentality of Congress.

These days Rahul and Akhilesh carry the MP from Faizabad around like a medal, call him the king of Ayodhya and mock the Sanatan society. If these two feel that by defeating the BJP in Ayodhya they have defeated Hindutva, then it is their big mistake. They feel that now people will neither chant Jai Shri Ram nor come to Ayodhya to see Shri Ram, but they do not know that Lord Ram is the soul of India and the root of Sanatan Dharma.

The duo should understand that Lord Ram, Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva are the soul of India and they cannot be publicly ridiculed for long. After listening to Rahul Gandhi's statements, the Hindu society is feeling angry and is beating its head over its mistake. At the same time, the saint community does not want to let Rahul enter Ayodhya. Rahul Gandhi and the leaders of the Indy alliance should know very well that in the elections of a democratic country, there are victories and defeats but the national faith never changes. The Hindu society fought fiercely 77 times to free Shri Ram Janmabhoomi from the heretics and finally won by sacrificing everything. These people are mocking this victory.

Ayodhya is invincible. The heretics can attack it but cannot win it. Ayodhya is full of glory, it removes sorrows and is illuminated by the brilliance of Shri Ram. It will never be defeated by demonic sentiments. The kings of Ikshvaku dynasty made this Ayodhya their capital and Lord Ram was born here. This is an eternal truth. No one can defeat Lord Ram till the end of the world. SP has won the election of Faizabad Lok Sabha seat and Rahul Gandhi is taking it in the opposite direction and promoting it. The leaders who are taunting the defeat of Ayodhya should know that excess of anything is bad.

Rahul Gandhi is still pained by Bharat Ratna Lal Krishna Advani's political support to the Ram Mandir movement because it is because of Lal Krishna Advani's various Rath Yatras that exposed the anti-Hindu face of the Congress and even today the Congress is yearning to touch the figure of 100 in the Lok Sabha.

The impatience of Rahul Gandhi, who won a few more seats on the basis of Muslim appeasement and false discussions, may prove costly for the Congress and its allies because Lord Ram is the faith, foundation, thought, law, consciousness, contemplation, prestige, glory and flow of India. Ram is omnipresent, vast and comprehensive with influence, policy, destiny, eternity, continuity and every Sanatani knows- one who does not love Ram, abandon him even if he is a million enemies.

– Mrityunjay Dixit

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