Pakistan is scared of the fear of PoK getting out of hand

In Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK), the situation has become uncontrollable, chaotic and violent due to the dictatorship, indifference, neglect and duplicitous policies of the Pakistan government. Due to not being able to fulfill the needs of subsistence, there is huge anger among the public and resentment against the government has reached its peak. There is a tremendous movement going on against the high prices of wheat flour and electricity. One police officer was killed and more than 100 people were injured in violent clashes between protesters and security forces. Most of the injured are policemen. The people of PoK are on the streets against the failure of the Pakistan government. Pakistan was afraid of losing PoK. To suppress the voice of PoK, the Shehbaz Sharif government of Pakistan has deployed police forces at every nook and corner and repressive efforts are being made to suppress the agitators. Seeing the rebellious attitude of PoK, Pakistan is in shock.

In fact, since the occupation of Pakistan in October 1947, POK has been continuously facing neglect, oppression and indifference from the government. Instead of paying attention to its problems and development, Pakistan's emphasis was more on opening training camps for terrorists there. The government of Pakistan has used PoK to spread unrest, terror and violence in India, it has been making every possible effort to grab Kashmir through PoK, but has never paid attention to the needs of the residents there. Actually, the situation of entire Pakistan is from bad to worse, it is surrounded by poverty, inflation and economic bankruptcy, Pakistan, which is roaming around the world to get financial assistance, is not desisting from spreading unrest and terror in India. Actually, Pakistanis are struggling with back-breaking inflation and lack of public facilities. The International Monetary Fund had imposed strict conditions while approving a loan of $3 billion, due to which the situation has worsened. Problems have increased due to increase in electricity rates and people in Pakistan have been forced to take to the streets. Amidst these dilapidated and complex conditions, the situation in PoK has become a new headache for Pakistan. The more Pakistan's security forces are trying to suppress the Muzaffarabad march of the protesters, the more fierce the protests are becoming. The situation going out of control after the call of march and dharna by Awami Action Committee of PoK is bringing back the memories of the disobedience movement of 1955, when there was a direct confrontation between the people of PoK and the Pakistani army. Now again the boiling anger of the people of PoK has increased the pressure on the Pakistani government, taking the problem to an uncontrolled and uncertain situation.

People of Gilgit Baltistan, the northernmost area of ​​PoK, have been protesting against Pakistan for the last few days. The protesters are demanding merger with the Indian union territory of Ladakh. After slogans of independence were raised in PoK and demand to merge it with Ladakh, both Shahbaz Sharif government and Pakistani Army are in shock. The way the people of PoK stood up against the atrocities of Pakistan has put Pakistani policy makers under stress. When thousands of Kashmiri people came out on the streets at various places in POK, Pakistan started fearing the loss of POK. Pakistani repression cycle has started to suppress the opposition in PoK. Pakistan Rangers and Frontier Corps have also been deployed in this. Internet and mobile services have been shut down in all 10 districts of PoK. It is already certain that the main agenda of BJP's Modi government is to free PoK from Pakistan and include it in India. The latest struggle and movement in PoK will definitely make the path of BJP easier.

POK was created after Pakistan invaded the princely state of Jammu and Kashmir soon after the partition of India. Under attack from Pakistani forces and tribal raiders, Maharaja Hari Singh sought military help from India, after which Indian forces prevented Pakistani forces from capturing the entire principality. Now, after almost seven-eight decades, while Pakistan is stuck in huge financial, political and humanitarian crisis, India is rapidly progressing in its economic, political and scientific parameters and strengthening its military power. Used to be. The Ganges of development is flowing in Jammu and Kashmir, the people there are creating new records in terms of peace, education, trade and development, whereas PoK is struggling with problems related to life of people deprived of economic progress with low human development. Feeling cheated, the common people of PoK now want peace, tranquility and development, which is impossible while living in Pakistan.

Due to its duplicitous policies, Pakistan continued to openly exploit the natural resources of PoK, while the people there continued to struggle with the shortage of fuel, electricity, education, medicine and essential basic facilities. The people of PoK started the movement against high electricity rates in May 2023, which has now taken a violent form after a year. Long before the movement, the inclination of the people of PoK towards India has been vocal from time to time. The corrupt winds of Pakistan's politics have made the consciousness and thinking of PoK an agitator. Seeing the hustle and bustle of selfishness in the corridors of power, the people there understood that they were being exploited and harassed. This is the reason that last year, during the protests against the discriminatory policies of Pakistan, the people of PoK and Gilgit have started considering the integration of their areas with India as in line with their interest and peaceful life. In the viral video on social media of the protest organized for this, the people there were seen raising slogans like 'Jod across, open Kargil'. At the same time, people in PoK have had bitter experiences, with wheat flour shortage across the country, insurgency in Balochistan, border conflict with Afghanistan, attacks by the Pakistani Taliban and Pakistan grappling with a severe financial crisis. Exiled PoK leader, Shaukat Ali Kashmiri has also been holding meetings in various countries since December to highlight the difficulties faced by the people in PoK. He told news agency ANI in Geneva recently that Pakistan has exploited natural resources since 1948 but in return people in PoK got unemployment and deportation. Most of the people have faced a lot of difficulties due to lack of medical facilities.

The people of PoK are also opposing the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). They believe that under the guise of the corridor, their land will be used for anti-India activities and they will have to face retaliatory attacks from India. Since India is no longer the same India as it was before, it is no longer possible for Pakistan to compete with its military power, therefore, to save themselves from unnecessary Indian attacks, the people of PoK consider it appropriate to merge with India. The way the Indian tricolor is being waved during the protests in PoK and voices for merger with India are being raised, there are chances of a decisive script being written on this disputed area in the future. India needs to keep an eye on the developments in PoK, so that it does not adversely affect our security interests and facilitate determination of future policies.

– Lalit Garg

Writer, Journalist, Columnist

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