PM Modi became emotional after seeing the pictures of Ram Lalla's 'Surya Tilak', took off his shoes and watched the video on the tab.

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PM Modi watching video of Surya Tilak

Assam : On the occasion of Ramnavami, Surya Tilak of Ramlala was done in the Ram temple of Ayodhya today. This was an amazing opportunity. This process was accomplished through an elaborate system consisting of mirrors and lenses. Through this system the sun's rays reached Ramlala's head. Devotees got to see this amazing scene on the occasion of Ram Navami. Prime Minister Narendra Modi watched the video of this amazing moment through the tab. Seeing this video, he appeared emotional with reverence.

Appeal to witness a wonderful moment

Actually, today the Prime Minister was addressing a public meeting in Nalbari, Assam in connection with the election campaign. In his address, he also appealed to the people to witness this wonderful moment. During his address, he lit the mobile flash light and raised slogans of Jai Shri Ram. PM Modi said that people should witness this wonderful moment. After this, Prime Minister Narendra Modi sat in the helicopter and watched the video of 'Surya Tilak' on the tab with full devotion.

Watched video after taking off shoes in helicopter

Before watching this video, Prime Minister Narendra Modi took off his shoes and witnessed the wonderful moment of Surya Tilak with full reverence. During this time, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is also seen paying homage to Lord Ram by placing his hand on his heart and bowing his head. PM Modi shared a post related to this on his social media platform X. He wrote- After the Nalbari meeting, I had the privilege of seeing the wonderful and unique moment of Ramlala's Surya Tilak in Ayodhya. This much awaited moment of Shri Ram Janmabhoomi is a moment of ecstasy for everyone. This Surya Tilak will illuminate every resolution of developed India in this way with its divine energy.

Surya Tilak will be done every year on Ram Navami

Let us tell you that Surya Tilak was done for about four-five minutes. This was the moment when the sun's rays were focused directly on the forehead of the idol of Ram Lalla. The temple administration had stopped devotees from entering the sanctum sanctorum at the time of Surya Tilak to avoid overcrowding. The basic objective of Surya Tilak Project is to apply a tilak on the forehead of the idol of Shri Ram on the day of Ram Navami. Every year in the month of Chaitra, on Shri Ramnavami, Tilak will be applied on Lord Ram's forehead with sunlight from 12 noon. Every year the position of the Sun in the sky changes on this day.

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