Pole Or DP Muavaja: If you have a Pole or DP in your field, then the Government will give you Rs. 5 to 10 thousand every month

Laws are amended from time to time by the government and decisions are always taken in the interest of the public. There must be a DP or Pole, for this, many provisions have been made under Section 57 of 2003 under the Electricity Act, in which many benefits are available, but many farmers do not know about it, in such a situation, they are unable to take advantage of it, and many such people also Those who have knowledge of the law but do not know how to get benefits.

Today we are going to tell about this, especially about Section 57 of the Electricity Act 2003, but you also have to keep in mind that you will get the benefit of these things only when you come under those conditions. If you want to get detailed information about this, then you can also download the complete PDF of section 57 of the Electricity Act 2003 from the official website.

The farmer should get the connection within 30 days from the date of written application for the connection by the farmer failing which the law says that the farmer should be given a compensation of Rs 100 per week.

If there is a fault in your transformer, then the company will repair your transformer within 48 hours, if this does not happen, then under this act ₹ 50 has been recommended.

According to Section 57 of the Electricity Act 2003 and Schedule No. 30(1) dated 07/06/2005, if the farmer has installed his own meter, then instead of staying on the meter of the company, the farmer has the right to install his own independent meter. The company also bears the cost of the force between the meter and the house. Customer terms and condition number 21 states this.

If the electricity company gives connection to any person or any other person transmits electricity from one field to another, then he will have to connect the stations, transformers, DPs and poles as well. Under this agreement, the farmers are given two to ₹ 5000. If your electricity company has been given a No Objection Certificate (NOC) certificate, then you cannot collect rent from that company.

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