Post office get 2 lakh 10 thousand cash in this scheme

Post Office Scheme:- If small daily savings are made a habit and invested in government schemes, a guaranteed fund can be created without any risk. There are many government schemes in which you can start investing with just Rs 100. One such scheme that offers risk-free and assured income is Post Office Recurring Deposit (5-Year Post Office Recurring Deposit Account). If you aim to save Rs 100 every day, you will easily save around Rs 3000 in a month.

If this amount is deposited every month in the Recurring Deposit (RD) of the post office, then in the next five years this amount will exceed Rs 2 lakh. For the convenience of the people, the postal department comes up with many schemes. This time a similar scheme has been brought by the Postal Department. In fact, by saving Rs 100 daily, a customer can add a fund of lakhs of rupees in five years.

Post Office New Scheme

How to make raking deposit for the scheme

This is a recurring deposit of the postal department. About this scheme, let us tell you that if a customer saves Rs 100 every day, then he can easily deposit around Rs 3,000 in a month. For your information, let us tell you that if someone wants to take advantage of this scheme, then deposit it every month in the recurring deposit of the postal department, if this process continues for the next five years, then this amount will exceed approx. Two lakh rupees.

Customers save Rs 100 daily

Depositing every month in the post office RD scheme creates a good corpus on maturity. According to the information available on the post office website, RD account can be opened in the post office for Rs 100. Once you open an account with Rs 100, you can make further deposits in multiples of Rs 10. There is no maximum limit on investment in this.

The post office's RD scheme is offering 5.8 percent interest annually from January 1, 2023. In this, interest is compounded on quarterly basis. In this, if you deposit Rs 3000 every month, then after maturity in five years (60 months) you will get around Rs 2.10 lakh. The interest income in this will be more than Rs 29 thousand.

The special thing about this scheme is that less money has to be paid and more money is received. Also, let us tell you that every Rs 100 has to be deposited in the RD scheme of the post office. As soon as you deposit the money, a good corpus will be formed on maturity. If you want information related to this scheme then you can get appropriate information on the official website of the Postal Department.

Loan is available against RD

You can take loan against RD account in post office at any time of need. According to the rules, after depositing 12 installments, a loan can be taken up to 50 percent of the amount deposited in the account. Loan repayment is available in lump sum or installments. The interest rate on the loan will be 2 percent more than the interest on RD. It also has the facility of nomination.

However, after maturity, the RD account can be continued for another 5 years. In this a person can open any number of accounts. In this, apart from single, joint account of maximum 3 people can be opened. Guardian account can be opened for a minor. Pre-mature closure can be done in Post Office RD after 3 years.

Know how to open an account

Those who are getting the benefit of this scheme, let them know that to avail the benefit of the scheme, they should open an RD account with Rs 100 in the postal department. Up to Rs 10. For specific information, let us tell you that 5.8 percent annual interest is received on the RD scheme. If you continue this process continuously, then within five years you will get around Rs 2.10 lakh under the scheme. Loan will also be available very easily under this scheme.

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