Pran-Pratishtha ceremony of Ramlalla in Ayodhya to take place; PM Modi to lead the nation on this historic occasion

Last Updated: Jan 22, 2024

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi will participate in the Pran Pratishtha ceremony of Shri Ramlalla in the newly built Shri Ram Janmbhoomi Mandir in Ayodhya at around 12 noon today. The historic Pran Pratishtha ceremony will be attended by representatives of all major spiritual and religious sects of the country.

People from all walks of life including representatives of various tribal communities will also attend the ceremony. Prime Minister will address this distinguished gathering on the occasion.

Mr. Modi will interact with Shramjeevis associated with the construction of Shri Ram Janmbhoomi Mandir. He will also visit the Kuber Tila, where the ancient Mandir of Bhagwan Shiv has been restored. He will also perform Pooja and Darshan at this restored temple.

Paush Shukla Dwadashi Vikram Samvat 2080 Abhijeet Muhurat and the time is 12:20 pm…this is the moment for which crores of Ram bhakts around the world were waiting for centuries. Today at 12:20 pm, the Prime Minister will attend the consecration program of the idol of Shri Ram Lalla under the direction of Ganeshwar Shastri Dravid of Kashi and conducted by the famous scholar Laxmikant Dixit.  thousands of Ram devotees have already arrived in Ayodhya City which has turned saffron and decorated beautifully on this occasion. Sounds of Ramdhan Jai Sitaram and hymes of Ramayana and Ramcharity reverberate throughout the night in Ayodhya.  Multi-level security arrangements are present in Ayodhya and thousands of security forces including Artificial Intelligence, Drone Camera, Water Police, Paramilitary Force, and Anti-Terrorism Squad are keeping an eye on every nook and corner. The borders are sealed and special precautions are being taken at the airport. Many special guests reached Lucknow last night to attend the Pran Pratistha ceremony and are scheduled to reach Ayodhya within a few minutes.

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