Prime Minister launches multiple oil and gas projects worth over Rs 1.6 lakh crore across the nation

Last Updated: Mar 02, 2024

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said saturation from government schemes are real social justice for him not the appeasement. Addressing a public meeting in Ulaon Airport ground in Begusarai, Bihar, Mr Modi said RJD and Congress party are talking about social justice to justify their dynastic politics. He said this is a tantrum of RJD and Congress which is deception with social justice. He also accused the opposition parties that they are using Dalits and backward people as a shield in the garb of social justice. The Prime Minister said when poor get benefits of government schemes it is real saturation. Prime Minister mentioned about legacy of Bharat Ratna Jananayak Karpoori Thakur who never promoted dynastic politics. The senior BJP leader said in Bihar specially youths have faced stigma of dynastic politics.

He said in last 10 years his government has empowered poor, women and deprived people. Earlier the Prime Minister inaugurated and laid the foundation stone of different projects worth over 1.60 lakh crore rupees across the country related to petroleum, gas, fertilizer, connectivity and infrastructure. Out of them, worth over 27000 crore rupees projects are related to Bihar. The Prime Minister said these big ticket investment by the government will boost the opportunities related to employment. Prime Minister said the development works done by his government has bolstered the people confidence so the whole country is saying next time again NDA government with more than 400 seats. Earlier, Mr. Modi also addressed a public meeting at Ratanua in Aurangabad.

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