R Praggnananda beats France's Alireza in Armageddon at Norway Chess Tournament

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R Praggnanandhaa made a brilliant start to the Norway Chess Tournament here, defeating Firouzja Alireza of France in an Armageddon (sudden death) game in the first round. After an easy draw under normal time control, Praggnanandhaa got 10 minutes playing with white pieces while Alireza got seven minutes.

Stavanger (Norway). Indian Grandmaster R Praggnanandhaa made a great start in the Norway Chess Tournament here on Tuesday, defeating Firouzja Alireza of France in the first round of Armageddon (Sudden Death). After an easy draw in normal time control, Praggnanandhaa got 10 minutes to play with white pieces while Alireza got seven minutes but the condition was that he had to win because in case of a draw, the player playing with black pieces would get extra points. Praggnanandhaa then performed brilliantly and won. All the games in men's and women's category were tied under classical time control and six Armageddon games had to be used for the results.

World number one Magnus Carlsen maintained his lead by drawing the Armageddon game in 68 moves after drawing the classical game with defending world champion Ding Liren in 14 moves. Hikaru Nakamura defeated fellow American Fabiano Caruana in the Armageddon game. After the first round Praggnanandhaa, Carlsen and Nakamura are tied at the top with 1.5 points while Alireza, Liren and Caruana are half a point behind them. Under classical time control, each game won is awarded three points while in Armageddon the winner gets 1.5 points and the loser gets one point.

In the women's category too, all three games of classical time control between six players were drawn. Koneru Humpy, playing with black pieces in the Armageddon game, held Sweden's Pia Kremling to a draw and scored one and a half points. However, R Vaishali could only score one point against women's world champion Wenjun Ju, while China's Tingji Lei defeated Ukraine's Anna Muzychuk in the Armageddon game.

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