Rahul Gandhi has jumped into the electoral arena considering Raebareli as his home but Dinesh Pratap Singh has kept the pace strong.

Rae Bareli and Amethi parliamentary constituencies of Uttar Pradesh are considered VIP areas as they have been known as the stronghold of the Gandhi family for decades. When you imagine a VIP area or a bastion, naturally an image emerges in your mind that the Ganga of development will be flowing there and everything will be for the best. Since this area has been the stronghold of the Gandhi family for decades, you would feel that they would not have kept anything short here. But when you visit these areas, you will find that the people gave a lot of love and respect but the Gandhi family did not do much for this area. Rae Bareli in particular had been with the Gandhi family till now but the broken roads and lack of development here shows the MP's indifference towards the area. When CricketInFocus's team reached Rae Bareli, people complained to us that earlier Sonia Gandhi used to visit the area occasionally but after winning in 2019, she completely turned her back. People said in an angry voice that when such a huge Corona epidemic occurred, all the MPs were seen helping the people of their respective areas but Sonia Gandhi did not take any care of Rae Bareli. People said that even Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, who sought votes for Sonia Gandhi, did not come to inquire about the well-being of the people during the time of trouble. People said that we won the elections from here and sent them but Sonia Gandhi did not even come to collect the certificate of victory. People said that we always kept hearing that Sonia Gandhi was not able to come here due to ill health, but when she had to file the nomination of her son Rahul Gandhi, she came here. People said that Priyanka Gandhi comes to this area more than Rahul Gandhi, so if Sonia had to give ticket to any of her children, then Priyanka should have been fielded. While talking to us, people said that this decision of Sonia has proved that she discriminates between boys and girls.

While talking to CricketInFocus, people said that in the last five years, the public kept searching for their MP but could not find her, so this time we are going to repeat the history. When we asked which history is being prepared to repeat, people said that just as Rahul Gandhi's grandmother Indira Gandhi had been defeated in the elections by the people of Rae Bareli when she was the Prime Minister, similarly this time her grandson will be defeated. People said that we know that Rahul Gandhi is a big leader, he is often on foreign tours, so after the victory he will not get a chance to come here. The public also said that we also know that Rahul Gandhi is contesting elections from Wayanad also and if he wins from both the seats, he will retain Wayanad only because he has to keep a section happy. People said that we do not want Rahul Gandhi to win from here and then we have to find our own MP to get our work done. People said that BJP candidate Dinesh Pratap Singh is among us and keeps interacting with the people. People said that we know Dinesh Pratap Singh and his family very well and whenever there is any work, they have helped us. He is always in touch with the public and we need such a leader.

Let us tell you that Rae Bareli MLA Aditi Singh was hopeful that she would be rewarded for leaving Congress and joining BJP and would be made a candidate in the parliamentary elections. Similarly, in the recent Rajya Sabha elections, Manoj Pandey, who was the Chief Whip of the SP Legislative Party, had also changed sides in the hope that he would get the ticket for the Lok Sabha elections, but Dinesh Pratap Singh, a minister in the Yogi government, was made his candidate. Due to this, both these leaders were said to be angry but now BJP has convinced them. During his visit to Rae Bareli, Union Home Minister Amit Shah persuaded BJP MLA Aditi Singh after which he said that now everything is fine and this election will be very good. To convince Manoj Pandey, Amit Shah reached his house. It is believed that BJP has completed all the political equations to make Rahul Gandhi lose the election from Rae Bareli.

Rahul Gandhi may be showing his attachment to this area by visiting a barber shop in this area, he may be reminding people of the connection of his two mothers, grandmothers and mother with this area, even though his sister may have camped here. And she may be campaigning from door to door, but after coming to this area, it becomes clear that due to the way the Gandhi family has neglected Rae Bareli in the last five years, people's emotional attachment towards that family has reduced or ended. Prime Minister Narendra Modi probably knows the ground situation, that is why he recently claimed in an interview that Rahul Gandhi's defeat in Rae Bareli will be bigger than in Amethi. Apart from this, during our visit here we found that a large number of people of the area have got the benefit of Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana and they appear to be admirers of Modi for this change in their lives. Also, the flag of Jai Shri Ram installed on almost every house in Rae Bareli was showing how happy the people of this area are with the construction of Ram temple in Ayodhya.

Talking about the electoral history of Rae Bareli parliamentary constituency, let us tell you that in 1977, Rajnarayan surprised everyone by defeating Indira Gandhi in the elections from here. After that, BJP has won the elections here twice in the wave arising from the Ram Mandir movement. In the 1996 elections, BJP candidate Ashok Singh had breached the Congress stronghold for the first time. After this, in the 1998 Lok Sabha elections also, BJP's Ashok Singh had won from here. Dinesh Pratap Singh, now contesting the elections as a BJP candidate, was earlier in the Congress. He knows how Congress has been laying its electoral chessboard on this seat, hence he is finding his job easy. It has to be seen what will be the result of the elections here but one thing is certain that this seat is not as easy for Rahul Gandhi as he has come here considering Rae Bareli as easy.

-Neeraj Kumar Dubey

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