Rajasthan Cash Payment Release Good News: Rajasthan Govt will put Rs 18604 in Everyone’s Account

Rajasthan government will put 18604 rupees for every couple under Rajasthan Cash Payment Release. This money will be directly deposited in the bank account of the beneficiary by the government, this is a free plan prepared by the government to put the money, the elections are near and the tenders of many schemes are yet to come. Government is planning to transfer the amount directly to the beneficiary’s accounts, tomorrow the government will transfer Rs 178 crore to 42,000 cattle breeders and after that the government will start depositing around Rs 18,604 in each account.

Rajasthan Cash Payment Release

According to the cost of mobile phones, the government will give its money. It was planned to give free internet to 1.36 crore women in smartphones for 3 years, but the tender has not yet been done and the government is delaying in giving mobile phones. ₹ 18604 will be deposited in the account of the person who is eligible for the smartphone. The biggest reason for depositing the money is that the Election Code of Conduct may be imposed in the middle of October and many schemes have not yet been tendered and even if the tender is done, the schemes In such a situation, the government is planning to bring Direct Benefit Transfer Scheme.

Under the tablet scheme, 1.20 lakh meritorious students will be tableted for this, under this also the government will put 18000 in the account of each beneficiary. Under this scheme, every year the toppers of the eighth, tenth and twelfth examinations will be given 6000 for three classes. A total of 18000 children and 100 children who are top at the district level, that is, a total of 9900 children, are to be given tablets.

Rajasthan Cash Payment Release: CM Annapurna Yojana

It has been planned to give ₹ 350 every month in lieu of food packets to one crore families. Food packets to poor families contain 1 liter soybean oil, 1 kg salt, 1 kg pulses, 1 kg sugar, 100 grams chili powder, 100 grams coriander, 50 grams There is a scheme of turmeric powder, under this the government will give ₹ 350 to each family.

In this way, the government is working on this big master plan to deliver these schemes to the beneficiaries on time. The government wants that if the direct benefit is not available under the mobile phone tablet and CM Annapurna Yojana, then under this direct transfer to the beneficiary’s account. Money should be put so that he himself can take advantage of this scheme.

Rajasthan Cash Payment Release: Where to enter the Bank Account Number of the Scheme?

Now the question is how to get the benefit of the scheme, first of all, let us tell you that the benefit of the scheme will be available through Janadhar, whose bank account number is updated in Janadhar, they do not have to do anything, those families who have not updated the bank account number in their Janadhar. Keep that bank account number updated on time, that bank account should be operational so that when the money is deposited by the government, it can come into your bank account immediately.

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