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Ram Navami Ayodhya Ram Lalla Surya Tilak: Today, the festival of Ram Navami is being celebrated with great pomp across the country. A wonderful sight is going to be seen especially in Ayodhya today. For which everyone is eagerly waiting. On the special occasion of Ram Navami, Tilak will be applied on the forehead of Lord Ram with the rays of the Sun, which is being called 'Surya Tilak'. For Surya Tilak, the sun rays will be diverted at different angles by three different mirrors. After this, rays will fall on the lens through the brass pipes, which will fall directly on Ram Lalla's brain. On this special occasion, along with the conjunction of many planets, auspicious yogas are also being formed. Let us know when Surya Tilak will happen. Along with this, know the importance of Surya worship along with where to watch the live telecast…

What time will Ram Lala's Surya Tilak happen?

Let us tell you that at 12.16 pm the first ray of the sun will fall on the head of Ramlala. It will remain in this position for about 4 minutes. According to the Hindu calendar, at the time of Surya Tilak, many auspicious yogas like Ravi Yoga, Gajakesari, Kedar, Amala, Parijat, Shubh, Saral, Kahal and Vashi Yoga etc. are being formed.

What is Surya Tilak?

In astrology, Sun is called the king of the planets. Along with this, Surya is considered one of the direct gods in the Vedic period and he is considered the greatest source and father of energy. Therefore worshiping them is considered special. Consecrating the idol present in the temple with the first ray of the sun is considered auspicious. When the Lord is anointed with the first rays of the sun, the feeling of divinity is awakened. This is called Surya Tilak or Surya Abhishek.

importance of sun worship

In Hindu scriptures, Surya is considered a direct deity. Therefore, by worshiping them, the flow of positive energy in life increases rapidly. By worshiping the Sun, the person gets happiness, prosperity and respect. Along with this, one also gets relief from many types of pain and diseases. In astrology, Sun is considered the king of the planets. In such a situation, if the position of Sun is strong in the horoscope of a person, then he gets respect, position, prestige and wealth. With this, happiness remains in life. That is why it is said in the scriptures that along with taking bath daily, take water in a copper pot and offer it to the Sun God.

Mantras of Sun God

Come, sun, thousandth of the brightness, Lord of the universe.
Have mercy on me with devotion, O sun-god.

Om Ghrini Suryaya Namah.
Oṁ aihi surya sahasranshon tejo rashe jagatpatye anukampayema ​​bhaktyae grahanaarghaya divakararu.
Om Hrim Ghrini Surya Aditya Klim Om.

Where can you watch Surya Tilak live?

If you want to see the wonderful sight of Ram Lalla sitting at home, then you can watch it on Doordarshan channel. Apart from this, devotees can watch Facebook, Instagram and YouTube of Shri Ram Janmbhoomi Teerth Kshetra on mobile.

Ram Lala was consecrated

On the occasion of Ram Navami, the idol of Ram Lala enshrined in the Ram temple of Ayodhya has been anointed with rituals along with Dudhabhishek.

Ram Lala's grand makeup was done

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