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Akhand Pratap Singh/Kanpur: Ram Navami is celebrated all over the country. After the construction of Ram temple in Ayodhya, this time Ram Navami has become very special, it is being celebrated as a festival all over the country. A grand program is also being organized in Kanpur. Because, before Ayodhya, the only temple of Lord Ram in child form of the state is present in Kanpur. There is also a special story related to this. This temple is also very ancient.

This is about 170 years old temple, which is built like a palace. Every time on Ram Navami, a special procession is also taken out here. This time, after the construction of Ram temple, a grand procession is being taken out. Along with this, special programs are also being organized in this temple.

This temple is 170 years old
This temple of Lord Ramlala located in Rawatpur, Kanpur is about 170 years old. Lord Ram is present in his child form in this temple. The story about this temple is that Lord Ram was adopted in it. After this the Lord was consecrated.

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This is the story of the temple
Temple priest Sushil Mishra told that this temple was built in 1800 AD. The marriage of a king of Madhya Pradesh took place here. His empire was also here, under which 56 villages came. After marriage the king went away from here. The king did not return for many years and the queen kept waiting for him. When more than 10 years have passed. The queen had no children, so she built a grand Ramlala temple here. After this he adopted the child form of Lord Ram. Then the child form of Lord Ram Lala was consecrated. Since then, special programs are organized here on Ram Navami.

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