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A video of a hilarious interaction between a cat and a dog has turned into a source of laughter on Reddit. The video shows how the doggo gets scared while trying to walk past the kitty.

The image shows the cat and the dog staring at each other. (Reddit/@baconroll2022)

“Dog scared to walk past a cat,” reads the caption posted along with the video on Reddit. The clip opens to show a cat sitting on top of a flight of stairs. A dog is seen standing in front of the kitty, visibly apprehensive to pass it. However, the doggo musters up courage, and finally decides to go about its own way while ignoring the cat. At that very moment, the cat – which till now was just observing the dog – swiftly jumps up and hits the pooch with its paw.

Take a look at this funny video of the cat and the dog:

The video was posted some 14 hours ago. Since being shared, it has accumulated close to 500 upvotes, and the numbers are only increasing. Additionally, the post has also received comments from people.

Here’s what Reddit users say about this video of the cat and the dog:

“The way he shuffled backwards, so if he got hit he could escape falling down the stairs. This dude saw things no one could ever imagine,” posted a Reddit user. “Boy knew what was gonna happen, that’s why he was scared. I would have moved the cat outta there to let him go up. Mean cat,” shared another. “What a sweet dog,” joined a third. “The dog finally got hit by the kitten,” added a fourth. “POV the cat when the dog went past it: ‘Come back here’,” wrote a fifth.

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