Several Maldivian leaders call for action including initiating No Confidence motion against the government after recent anti-India comments by its Ministers

Last Updated: Jan 09, 2024

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Several organisations in Maldives have called for positive relations between Maldives and India, while calling the posts and comments by the suspended Maldivian deputy ministers as irresponsible. Our correspondent reports that pressure is rising on the government as several Maldivian leaders have termed the entire episode as sad while some have called for action including initiating a No Confidence motion. Former Vice President Ahmed Adeeb in an interview with a news channel said that there is presence of extremist elements in the ruling party the PMC-PPM coalition. On the other hand, MDP MP Mickail Naseem called for the Parliament to summon foreign minister Moosa Zameer as well as the suspended officials for questioning.

Meanwhile, Maldives’ National Boating Association, Maldives Association of Tourism Industry, National Hotels and Guest House Association and others issued statements and releases, condemning the action of the suspended Maldivian Ministers. The groupings noted that India has been a close and a friendly neighbour, first responder during crises and one who has helped Maldives recover after the Covid Pandemic.

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