Shaurya Path: Discussion on issues related to America-China, Iran President Death, Israel-Hamas and Russia-Ukraine

Brigadier DS Tripathi Sir was present in Prabha Sakshi's special program Shauryapath as usual. He discussed the current situation in the world with us. During this, we also asked him a question about the recognition of Palestine by some European countries. Along with this, we also asked Brigadier Tripathi a question about the analysis being done on the death of the Iranian President and wanted to know how much truth is there in the different types of analysis that are being done. The Russia-Ukraine war was the topic of discussion this time as usual. Along with this, we also asked Brigadier Tripathi a question about the ongoing trade war between America and China and wanted to know what could happen in the future regarding this?

1 Some European countries Norway, Ireland and Spain are ready to recognise the State of Palestine, have also recommended arrest warrants against some leaders of Israel and Hamas in the International Criminal Court. How do you see this?

Brigadier Tripathi said that Israel is continuously attacking. It is not ready to stop. However, efforts to persuade it are continuing. He said that the human tragedy is terrible. There is a shortage of resources. But no solution to these problems is being found. 140 countries had brought a proposal in favor of Palestine in the United Nations. But America opposed it. Everyone is talking about two nations but there is no consensus on how to implement it. He said that looking at Israel's stance, it does not seem that it is going to calm down. He said that Israel is calling the countries recognising Palestine as supporters of terrorists. America is also currently opposing recognition of Palestine. Arab countries want to recognise Palestine but are not in a position to say anything openly at the moment. Brigadier Tripathi said that on one side bullets are being fired, bombs are falling and on the other side there is talk of recognising Palestine, both these things cannot happen simultaneously. Before recognising Palestine, it is necessary to bring peace there, it is necessary to free the hostages. If an attempt is made to recognise Palestine at this time, then somewhere or the other, Hamas may dominate once again.

2 There are many different analyses of the crash of the helicopter carrying the Iranian President. What could be the possible causes of this crash and what changes could it bring about in the Middle East?

Brigadier Tripathi said that after the death of the Iranian President who was on a visit to Azerbaijan, many questions are being raised. Relations between Azerbaijan and Iran have not always been normal. But in recent times, tremendous relations have developed between the two. He said that the initial reason for the death of the Iranian President is being told to be the weather. But the question is that at that time three helicopters were together. Two helicopters land safely. But the same helicopter crashes in which the President of Iran and the Foreign Minister are sitting. Tripathi did not deny the role of weather behind the helicopter crash. But he also gave one side that the helicopter was of 1968 American model. America has imposed many types of bans on Iran, due to which it is possible that these helicopters are not being repaired, due to which the helicopter may have crashed. Brigadier Tripathi said that one reason is also being said that a third party is also involved in this incident. Iran's enmity with America and Israel is well known. It is being claimed that the helicopter of Iran President can be targeted with laser beam as Israel did to destroy Iran missile. That is why this doubt is also getting strengthened. He said that Mossad and CII are active. Apart from this, Tripathi also expressed the apprehension that since the President was not popular even in his country. Many people in the country were also against him. In such a situation, there can be an internal conspiracy. At present, things will come to light only after investigation. But the way discussions are going on, all can be considered. He said that after the death of the President of Iran, the political situation of West Asia will change. Along with this, Iran's preparation to lead West Asia will also be put on hold. But along with this he said that I do not think that after the death of the President of Iran, there will be much difference at the global level.

3 Russia is carrying out devastating attacks in Ukraine. Zelensky has urged European countries to use Patriot missiles from their own territories so that Russian missiles can be destroyed. Russia has also continued training on tactical nuclear weapons. How do you view this?

Regarding the Russia-Ukraine war, Brigadier Tripathi said that Vladimir Putin is not going to stop at the moment. Putin is assuming that his fight is not with Ukraine but with the western countries. This is the reason why clarity is clearly visible in Russia's policy. However, recently Putin said that he is not trying to capture Kharkiv. But the Russian army is seen moving forward continuously. Brigadier Tripathi said that the situation in Ukraine is continuously getting worse. Therefore, he is expecting help from western countries. The commander of Ukraine is saying that we have nothing. On the other hand, Russia is trying to find the weak link of Ukraine. Ukraine is not getting help like before. Whereas Russia is moving ahead with full planning. Russia is now even threatening the western countries with nuclear war. This is going to increase tension for many countries.

4 Along with the fight between the Middle East and Russia-Ukraine, now it seems that a trade war will start between America and China. Although both the US Secretary of State and the Trade Secretary visited China, no result seems to be coming out. What could be its impact?

– Brigadier Tripathi said that we can call it a conflict rather than a war. China and America are trying to establish themselves at the center of trade at the global level. America had strengthened itself from a trade point of view long ago. Now China is moving in this direction, due to which tension is visible between the two countries. Both the countries have been face to face in terms of trade for a long time. When Donald Trump was the President of America, the dispute had increased a lot. However, Joe Biden tried to reduce it. But things do not seem to be working out. Both the countries have suffered due to this conflict. Inflation has increased in both the countries. China is constantly selling its goods at cheap prices. It is trying to establish an American company here, which is the biggest challenge for America. He said that there is disagreement between China and America about many things but the paths are not closed. It can be resolved through talks. China has made people dependent due to its cheap goods, which is worrying America.

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