Small Business Ideas: Do small business with a cost of 8 thousand, profit of Rs 1200 per day

As you know that today everyone wants to start their own business, but more money is required to start a business, so if you also start a business in which the cost is less and the profit is more, then What will we do today or tomorrow, I will make you a similar business, in that you will have to invest only ₹ 8000 and you will be able to earn ₹ 1200 per day, if you also want to know, then read the article completely, only then you will get complete information, let’s know Are-

This is my business idea costing 8 thousand

As you know that the business of Pani Puri is in great demand in the market today and everyone likes to eat Pani Puri, so if you also want to start a business with a cost of ₹ 8000, then you can start a business of Panipuri. Can start business.

How to start Panipuri business

If you want to start Panipuri business, then you can start this business in two ways, first you can buy readymade Panipuri from the market and secondly you can make Pani Puri at home or it depends on you which Will start the business of Panipuri and as far as money investment is concerned then in this business you will have to invest up to ₹ 8000 and if you want you can start the business on a large scale so that you can earn more profit.

how much profit from business

If you do the business of Panipuri, then how much profit will you get from it, then let us tell you that every day you can easily earn 1200 rupees and if you take orders to sell Panipuri in a wedding ceremony, then you can earn a lot there. Can charge money, as you know that in today’s date, people do make arrangements for Pani Puri in marriage, in such a situation, you can earn a good account profit by taking order from there, so we can do that from Pani Puri business. Making profits is quite easy.

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