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Supreme Court on Patanjali Ayurveda: Thanks to the 'exemption' received from government support, Yogaguru Ramdev earned crores of rupees in the name of miraculous treatment. However, this put the lives of many people at risk. Now it seems difficult for the yoga guru to escape from this new legal trouble. This is because the Supreme Court strongly reprimanded.

Harinder Baweja:
The Supreme Court has slammed yoga guru Ramdev and his associate Balakrishna for offering magical cures for many health problems, including Covid, cancer and heart diseases. Ramdev's Patanjali Ayurveda claimed to have found Covid treatment with Coronil tablets despite not getting approval from the World Health Organisation. The duo, experts in packaging and promotion themselves, package innumerable herbal medicines and pills in a way that no ordinary businessman can. He has a very large number of followers, and many of his followers are blind devotees. Blind devotees are also an easy vote bank because Yoga Guru, I would not call him Baba. He takes pleasure in giving instructions to his followers.

Supreme Court scolded Yogaguru

The BJP-ruled Uttarakhand government, where Ramdev's Patanjali Ayurved is headquartered, was also not spared by the angry bench of the Supreme Court. A bench of Justices Hima Kohli and Ahsanuddin Amanullah asked what would happen to all those anonymous people who consumed these Patanjali medicines. Which was said to cure such diseases which cannot be cured? The bench left no stone unturned on the reply filed by the Centre. The court said that this is not satisfactory. The Center told the court that states have the right to take action against advertisements claiming magical cures. The court said that it is difficult to accept the Centre's argument. In early 2020, when India was struggling to fight the first wave of the Covid pandemic, Ramdev's Patanjali Ayurved made a big claim. It was said to have discovered the cure for Covid when the entire medical world was struggling with how to cure and stop the rapidly growing virus.

Supreme Court reprimanded Baba Ramdev, said- You are not so innocent

Baba Ramdev stuck in such legal trouble

While advertising a pill called Coronil, a Covid 'cure', Ramdev was standing alongside two ministers of the Narendra Modi government – Health Minister Harsh Vardhan and Transport, Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari. Ramdev smiled at the cameras, not even bothering to wear a mask as made mandatory by the government. Nor was there any 'two yard distance'. Coronil was promoted as the 'first evidence-based research treatment' for Covid. The Indian Medical Association (IMA) was very worried about this. According to the details, which are now widely known, Mumbai-based physician Dr Jayesh Lele filed an RTI application with the government's AYUSH ministry. This ministry regulates the traditional system of healthcare. The response Lele received through RTI did not surprise him. Coronil was not approved by the World Health Organization. The sad thing is that this unscientific, unproven, much-advertised tablet had strong ambassadors in the form of Union Ministers. It also had millions of buyers, all afraid of contracting a virus that had suddenly become an epidemic in India as well as around the world.

IMA raised questions on Ramdev's claim

Coronil sales were rapid. Encouraged by the sales and tremendous support from powerful ministers, Ramdev did not even pay attention to the case filed in the court by IMA in 2021. Patanjali Ayurved continued its advertisement. It claimed to be a magical cure for many diseases including fatty liver, cirrhosis, kidney failure and thyroid. Ramdev became a well-known face on most TV news channels, while Patanjali Ayurveda distributed 'medicines' by the truckload. He was so confident of 'immunity' from his political patrons that he even called allopathy 'stupid and bankrupt'. Once again, the IMA asked him to withdraw his claims and appealed to Dr. Harsh Vardhan to file charges against the yoga guru under the Epidemic Diseases Act. Violations of law Not all advertisements are violations, but the Drugs and Magic Remedies (Objectionable Advertisements) Act, 1954, specifically bans advertisements for 54 diseases. This list includes many other diseases including cancer, blood pressure and heart disease.

Opinion: After Patanjali advertisement controversy, will the rules change in future? understand everything

53 complaints against Patanjali in misleading advertising case

Surprisingly or indeed Patanjali offered a cure for all of these. Ever since the Supreme Court bench threatened to tear Patanjali and its patrons into 'pieces', Ramdev and Balakrishna have apologised. However, the court is in no mood to take them seriously. He had apologized earlier and then immediately went back to the advertising business. The health threat is serious because Patanjali's reach is huge. Its own website claims to have established markets ranging from the UAE to Canada and the US. Locally, it has over 47,000 retail shops and warehouses across 18 states. Don't be surprised by the level of immunity Ramdev has received. According to a reply given in the Rajya Sabha last year, 53 complaints were received against Patanjali for misleading advertisements.

navbharat timesBaba Ramdev does not get relief from the Supreme Court, said in a strict tone – We are not blind, be ready for the next action

Ramdev's apology, still Supreme Court is not accepting it

The law provides for jail sentences and fines for misleading advertisements. Ramdev has already tendered an unconditional apology, but will it be limited to this as the yoga guru has violated the apology given in the same court? Justice Amanullah strongly reprimanded Ramdev in the last hearing in the Supreme Court. He said that just apologizing is not enough. You must face the consequences of violating a court order. We do not want to be liberal in this matter. Generosity in this case can be harmful to health. The Supreme Court has publicly condemned them and packaged their products neatly in the name of religion and culture.

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