Technology can play big role in agriculture, health & education: PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that Digital Public Infrastructure is a big requirement in itself and the government is extending the digital facilities to all the villages. Interacting with philanthropist Bill Gates, Mr Modi said, technology can play a big role in agriculture, health and education. Mr Modi said, when he used to hear about the digital divide in the world, he decided that he would not let anything like that happen in India.

On Artificial Intelligence, AI, Mr Modi said, if we rely on AI out of laziness, then it is the wrong path. He added that if used as a magic tool then AI will perhaps lead to grave injustice. He said, AI is such a good tool, but if it is given to someone without proper training, it is likely to be misused. The Prime Minister said people should have a competition with ChatGPT and strive to go ahead of AI. Mr Modi suggested that there should be clear watermarks on AI-generated content so that nobody is misguided.

Talking about health, the Prime Minister said, around two lakh Ayushman Arogya Mandirs have been built in villages and these health centres are connected with the best hospitals with modern technology as a bridge. He said India has democratised technology to prevent monopoly. He said it is by the people and for the people. The Prime Minister said the government is committed to ensuring that emerging talent from within the community can continuously contribute and enhance its value to foster trust in technology among people. He said, today, data security remains a paramount concern. The Prime Minister said, while India has a legal framework in place, public awareness is equally crucial.

Prime Minister Modi said women are more open to adopting new technology in India. He said the Namo Drone Didi scheme is going on very successfully. He said the mindset has changed because now when he interacts with the Namo Drone Didis they say that they did not know how to ride a bicycle but they are now pilots and can fly drones.

Talking about the G-20 Summit hosted by India, Mr Modi said, there were extensive discussions before the G-20 Summit and its proceedings took various turns. The Prime Minister said he believes that the world has now aligned with G-20’s core purpose and objectives, bringing them into the mainstream.

During the interaction, the Prime Minister said that his Government will allocate funds to scientists for local research in cervical cancer and he wants to vaccinate all girls to protect from it.

On Renewable Energy, Mr Modi said, India is making rapid advancements in the sector. He said the nation wants to make advancements in Green Hydrogen.

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