The rising risk of cholesterol will ruin your health

India is facing many dangers on the health front which is a matter of concern. With increasing physical inactivity, diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure are silently surrounding people and becoming big challenges, which should be seen as big dangers. Amidst these increasing dangers, cholesterol has emerged as a new health challenge in the country. The guidelines issued by the 22-member committee of the Cardiological Society of India regarding dyslipidemia caused by high cholesterol are important in this sense and serious on the health front. This is such a disorder of the body that often its victim himself is not able to know about it, because often there are no clear symptoms of it. The result is that it gradually progresses towards problems like heart disease and in serious situations heart attack. Anyway, the figures given by this organization about India are frightening. The cholesterol level in 81 percent of the country's population has been found to be much higher than the safe limit, that is, the danger of this silent physical disorder is looming over a very large part of the country's population. People should undergo lipid profile test to identify cholesterol. India has made its first guideline for what should be the level of lipids in the body. Treating cholesterol in a better way can reduce the risk of heart diseases. Increase in cholesterol in the body is very dangerous. This can cause many serious physical problems.

The reason for all the new diseases emerging today is an unbalanced and convenience-oriented lifestyle. Dyslipidemia is considered to be a lifestyle problem. It is said that the root cause of this problem is the food habits, addiction and liberal lifestyle of people due to economic prosperity. Sleeping late at night and waking up late in the morning, no time to eat, no method to heat the body. In the modern era of fast food, this problem is increasing rapidly due to the presence of more sugar, more carbohydrates and more fat in our food. Of course, this disease is seen more in rich people, but the big problem is that a large population has come under its grip. That poor population which is dependent on free food grains in the country today. Therefore, we cannot blame only the lifestyle for the growth of this disease and physical problems in the majority of people. This is the reason why more in-depth and serious study of the spread of this problem in Indian conditions is needed. If this increasing danger is not controlled in time, then India will become a country of sick people.

The disease of dyslipidemia is spreading rapidly in India, which is like a silent killer. The symptoms of this disease are not visible but it slowly starts taking root in the body and increases the risk of dangerous diseases like heart attack. Certainly, the news that has come about cholesterol is not very good. However, the initiative behind it should be praised. For the first time, guidelines have been issued in the country regarding cholesterol. Till now, when the doctors of the country used to treat the cholesterol of the patients or in simple language, the fat accumulated in the body or instructed people to get a lipid profile test done, they were doing this work under the guidelines of the European Society of Cardiology. It is often said that heart attacks are caused by diabetes, hypertension, stress, tobacco consumption, alcohol consumption etc. But on the contrary, the most responsible factor for heart attacks in India is dyslipidemia i.e. lipid profile which is not normal in 80% of the people in India and people are not even aware of it. Experts say that in comparison to western countries, heart disease has increased in India in the last 10 years. The major reason for this is food, poor and unbalanced lifestyle, decrease in daily physical activity and other reasons.

This rising cholesterol has to be taken seriously. Because even now primary health services are not available to a very large part of the population in our country. Treatment of many minor seasonal diseases, especially in many remote rural areas, is still not easily available and even where primary health services have reached, there is hardly any proper arrangement for the treatment of such health problems. Therefore, the challenge before us is very big. Along with this, it is also very important that the methods of prevention of this problem should be adequately promoted in the country. This is not a very difficult task. We also have examples. Due to proper promotion, during the period of Covid, a large population started initiatives like wearing masks, maintaining social distance, and balancing food. We will also have to find ways to make the treatment of cholesterol accessible to all. Half the population of our country is not physically active. The people of India rank 12th in the world in terms of physical activity. According to The Lancet Global Health Journal, 57 percent of women in our country are physically inactive. At the same time, men constitute approximately 42 per cent of this list.

Health is one of the major concerns of the world. The state of health in all countries is worrisome and worrying. Scientific progress, industrial revolution, increasing population, urbanization and stressful environment of modern life have led to a huge increase in physical and mental diseases. This is a matter of concern not just for a single nation but for the entire world. Ill health is a widespread problem of the present era. There is an invincible circle of diseases all around. New medical methods are failing to prevent the ever-increasing diseases. As science develops disease-preventive medicines, diseases are appearing in new forms, new names and new environments. According to WHO, health does not only mean healthy food, but it is also necessary to ensure how the world can come together to help everyone live a long and healthy life.

While medical conditions and services in India are improving under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, health conditions are also posing new challenges. Therefore, there is a strong expectation of improvement in health conditions along with medical conditions. A health revolution should be heralded in India, which should inspire individuals to adopt healthy habits, inspire governments to invest in health care infrastructure and resources, and inspire health care institutions to continuously improve the services they provide. Yoga and meditation, balanced diet and a disciplined lifestyle should also be encouraged to control diseases. All mental and physical diseases or disorders that arise are evidence of the fact that someone has tried to overtake by ignoring the instructions of the traffic police standing at the road crossing. The increasing mental and heart diseases all over the world are the result of this internal disorder. The cause of other incurable diseases is also an unbalanced lifestyle. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to be aware of mental and emotional health for good health.

– Lalit Garg

Author, journalist, columnist

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