There was a blast in the free mobile phone given by the government, the money burnt to ashes, this shortage caused the blast.

The Rajasthan government is distributing free smartphones to women in the entire state, but a strange case has come to light. Questions are being raised about the quality of the free mobile. The mobile received by the Rajasthan government 24 days ago got blasted today and was lying in the cupboard. It was suddenly blasted due to which ₹ 21000 cash, clothes and other items kept around the mobile were also burnt to ashes.

This mobile was given 24 days ago under the free mobile scheme of the Rajasthan government. The government is continuously doing the work of free mobile distribution. This incident came to light from Kotar area of ​​Ajmer on Friday morning. This accident happened with Anu Devi living in Valmiki Colony. Has happened.

Free Mobile Blasted

Anu Devi told that she does the cooking work at home. In the morning, when she had gone to work, her 15-year-old son Anurag was at home. At around 10:00, Anurag called me and said that Dua was coming out from the cupboard. When Anu Devi reached home in panic, she found her mobile blasted.

₹ 21000 lying in the cupboard, many important documents were also burnt to ashes. When the woman reached home, she saw smoke coming out of the cupboard. When she opened the cupboard, she saw a mobile charger, ₹ 21000 clothes lying in the cupboard, many important documents were burnt to ashes. Have become.

Anu Devi told that on 22nd August, I was given a free mobile phone by the government at Jawahar Theater Center. Till now 24 days have been completed since I received the mobile phone. On the other hand, the local shopkeepers who repair mobile phones say that they are charging more. Mobile blasts due to overcharging or battery drain. Now it is not clear as to why Anu Devi's mobile blasted.

But whether you have a free mobile or any other mobile, always use the mobile carefully, never keep the mobile in a hot place, apart from this, do not use the mobile while it is charging, do not sleep with the mobile charging as soon as the mobile charge is complete. If it happens, take it out of the charger.

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