Twenty-one retired judges of SC & high courts concerned regarding calculated pressure, misinformation & public disparagement

Twenty one retired judges of the Supreme Court and high courts have expressed concern regarding the escalating attempts by certain factions to undermine the judiciary through calculated pressure, misinformation, and public disparagement. They have written a letter to Chief Justice of India D Y Chandrachud in this regard. They said that these elements, motivated by narrow political interests and personal gains, are striving to erode the public’s confidence in the judicial system. It said, their methods are manifold and insidious, with clear attempts to sway judicial processes by casting aspersions on the integrity of the courts and the judges.


In the letter, the retired judges of the Supreme Court and high courts said that such actions not only disrespect the sanctity of the judiciary but also pose a direct challenge to the principles of fairness and impartiality that Judges have sworn to uphold. They urged the judiciary, led by the Supreme Court, to fortify against such pressures and ensure that the sanctity and autonomy of the country’s legal system are preserved.

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